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Things to Consider Before Buying Your First-Ever Crypto

Things to Consider Before Buying Your First-Ever Crypto

Any trading platform brings you a set of digital currencies to trade. One of the most notable advantages of using an AI trading robot like BitIQ is its ability. Cryptocurrency has a preceding trend. In the beginning, many countries and their government implanted restrictions and bans, but people worldwide, especially the young generation, found alternate ways to trade in cryptocurrency.

The most attractive part of cryptocurrency and its marketplace is that there are very rapid changes in the market trends for each currency. These trends are very similar to stock indexes in conventional stock markets. The rapid track of cryptocurrency brings uncertainty to trade, which might discourage new traders.

This article aims to discuss the basic considerations when buying your first cryptocurrency.


Like every other stock, when investing in cryptocurrency requires research. When you invest in any conventional stock, you do your research by going through the company's website, showing their financial reports, market status, and business trends. Even changes in policies and board meetings have a drastic impact on that company's stock.

Similarly, every cryptocurrency needs research to invest in it. Not every digital currency has the same trend and specifications. Most of these currencies have no physical equivalent to scale their value. It completely depends on its trade-in market, unlike conventional company stocks, which rely on the company's performance. Any lack of understanding in the cryptocurrency marketplace can be disastrous for your investment.   

Forget the Past

A few extraordinary gains in some of the cryptocurrencies from the past easily inspire new traders. They start believing in the repetitive nature of trends to bring huge returns quickly. The key point to understand is that the trends change, and in the digital world, these changes are rapid. Therefore, hoping for big gains in a short time and investing accordingly is not a smart move.

It means that the trends will forecast the status of the currency in the future, not in the past, as these investments will bring a return in the future, not in the past.

Cryptocurrency is Volatile

The volatility of cryptocurrency is the worst part of cryptocurrency. It is a proper definition of the volatile nature of a commodity. It refers to the instant changes in the prices of the cryptocurrency. These prices may drop or rise drastically in seconds! The reasons can be just gossip by any influencer over social media platforms.

Tin these circumstances, the market players flip their investments because of their grip over the market. The grip over the market comes from proper market research, studying the trends and their affecting factors, and, most importantly, experience.

On the other side, the new traders with a lack of patience do not spend time studying the market and understanding it. The result is obvious. Their investments get the same treatment as a soldier stepping on a landmine.

The principle behind volatility is that the bigger fishes of the market try to overcome each other, and the rest of the traders get crushed, especially newbies.

Risk Management

The best tip for new investors is to dedicate an amount for investment and use only a small portion. The most important part is to move precisely, not big jumps; only small steps are the keys to success here. To ensure the minimum loss, the new trader should know the buying and selling points of the market trend.

The recommended method to avoid losses is to avoid a short-term approach. The reason is obvious, the turbulent nature of the market trends of cryptocurrency.

In case of any failures in these steps, the newbie will have a reserved amount and understanding of the trend, ensuring better movements next time.


Let's put these steps in simpler words. The marketplace of cryptocurrency is very fast to keep up with. Only the smartest survive the torturous trend of the market. Entering a market is never easy for a newbie. No matter which market it is, proper research is the first. Understanding the trading medium and following the best traders provide a path to follow.

The management of funds is crucial; never invest all the finance you have. Start by putting aside a small amount like $40-$50. It is because patience is the key. The prices might be low at the time, but you never know when they go up.