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The top 5 gardening apps

The top 5 gardening apps

Winter can feel like the worst time of the year to get outside and pull up those weeds, but it’s actually a really great time to start gardening. Planting in winter will actually give plants a better chance, as they will acclimatise to their new environment just as Spring arrives, meaning they can start early root growth before the summer heatwaves. This article will go over some of the best apps that will motivate and aid you in your gardening adventures.

Plant Care Reminder

Plant Care Reminder does exactly what it says on the tin – it reminds you to care for your plants. It takes into account the plant type, and will guide you through how frequently you should water, fertilise, spray and so on. The app can also place widgets on the home-page of your mobile, making it easier to remember and more accessible, as well as setting notifications, saving a list of plants and a repeating functionality.

High There!

Growing hemp has recently been gaining significant exposure as its legality and benefits are being improved. Because it's not as common to grow among avid traditional gardeners (especially of a certain generation) it can be really helpul to find online communities to share your growing experiences, and learn from others. High There! Is exactly that, an Android and IOS app where you can speak to both locals and those around the world, sharing pictures and progress. There are many other hemp growing apps too, which are worth checking out.

Garden Tags

Garden Tags is a good app for getting garden management, flower recognition and plant inspiration from a single platform. Whilst many of the other apps specialise, either in a plant type or just soil, this app serves as a more all-in-one approach. It has a growing user base of 100,000, and with the tags system, you can record all of your own plants in your garden in one place. 


PlantSnap is a great app that will help you immediately identify plants of all kinds. This is particularly great if you’re abroad looking to garden (or simply travelling), as you will encounter new species that you’ve never encountered. PlantSnap has a global reach in its identification, and is completely free, making this a must-have for any nature lover.


mySoil is an app that is entirely focused on soil. Created by the British Geological Survey (BGS), this app allows you to check the soil that is in your area. It will denote the type of soil, the depth, the pH, the temperature of the soil and the organic matter content. This is highly comprehensive and is a great resource for both iOS and Android users. Perhaps the most impressive element of this app is that it’s created by BGS, meaning it has world-leading data, knowledge and research.

This article covers five of the best apps on the market for gardeners. Whether you want a plant identification tool, soil expertise, monitoring of your own plants or a social media platform for hemp growers – there is an app out there that can enhance your gardening experience.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.