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The Student’s Helpers: 10 Apps & Tools for Better Learning

The Student’s Helpers: 10 Apps & Tools for Better Learning

What’s the first thing you do in the morning? In all likeliness, you reach for your phone. Your alarm, daily news, calendar, entertainment, food deliveries are all happening through this device now. What’s to say, today, your phone even determines how long you keep the gadget away with features such as the focus mode. 

Long story short, there is an app for everything. And if you don’t take advantage of them as a student, when will you? So here is your checklist for apps and other tools that you might not even know you need. 

Essay Reviews

Assignments are a significant part of student life. It might seem like the more you finish, the more adds on to the pile. Though the projects haven’t changed much, the demands of your life have. Now, you not only need to focus on academics but also stay involved in extracurriculars while doing a part-time job as well. 

If you are looking for an easy fix for this, EssayPro Review is a reliable platform worth considering. The tool can connect you to multiple essay writing services that can help you with your academic assignments. You can read the reviews, compare their features, and decide which service is best suited for your specific needs.

Google Docs

google drive docs suite logos 100794638 large - The Student's Helpers: 10 Apps & Tools for Better Learning

If you have been using Word or Pages to compose essays, then take a step back and look at Docs by Google. For starters, this word-processor is entirely free and comes with a long array of useful features. The Essay Writing service PaperWriter complements the writing of all works in this document! 

It automatically saves your documents, so you no longer have to worry about losing your files. Google Docs is also available as an app on your phone, and you can save files for offline access as well. 

In its latest update, Docs also comes with a citation tool that will save hours in referencing and formatting your academic papers. Integrated with the Google Workspace, sharing and collaboration is a breeze with Docs. 

My Study Life 

My Study Life Android app - The Student's Helpers: 10 Apps & Tools for Better Learning

Your college life needs more than a calendar app to keep track of everything. My Study Life can organize everything on your behalf, from classes to daily tasks. 

The app will automatically schedule repeating tasks such as week and day rotation timetables. The task-lists are also bespoken for schools, reminding you of incomplete assignments and upcoming deadlines. 

My Study Life can also sync up with other calendars so you will not miss any important notifications, and all information is available even when you are offline. 

Chegg Prep 

Chegg Prep - The Student's Helpers: 10 Apps & Tools for Better Learning

Chegg Prep has everything you need to prepare for exams, all accessible on one platform. The tool is primarily a flashcard maker, where you can create a custom flashcard deck on the go. You can create cards for classes or exams and include images. Along the way, you can remove the cards you have already mastered. 

If you don’t want to create the flashcards yourself, there are also 500 million free cards available on the site. These are designed and shared by other students from around the world. If you need more, Chegg also has other solutions to buy and rent textbooks. Students can also benefit from Chegg’s other tools such as the Math Solver, writing tips, and tutoring services. 


GoConqr - The Student's Helpers: 10 Apps & Tools for Better Learning

It is tricky to narrow down the scope of this app to one feature alone. GoConqr comes packed with tons of useful features. You can create mind-maps, flashcards, and notes to visually plot complex concepts and understand them better. There is also a free quiz maker and pre-designed tests across a plethora of topics. 

GoConqr also has a series of engaging online courses for students to pursue. All of the tools you develop are sharable, and students can also avail of resources created by others. If these features aren’t enough, a study planner makes this app a one-stop-shop for students. 


EasyBib - The Student's Helpers: 10 Apps & Tools for Better Learning

We mentioned earlier how assignments and term papers are an inevitable part of academics. EasyBib is a tool that can make the most tedious part of writing assignments more tolerable. The app can polish your paper by checking for any grammatical or spelling errors. 

Above all, EasyBib can create the bibliography for you regardless of which citation style you need. There are also additional features that will help you set up a title page for your projects and thesis.

Finding it difficult to keep up with everything going on in the world? can be of aid here. The app aggregates all the publications you want to follow and delivers them to you as snackable content. You can set your preferences, and only receive those topics you want to follow. comes with an AI assistant, Leo. It will prioritize the content based on your interests. You can share any interesting articles or insights you come across with others as well. 

Wolfram Alpha

With Wolfram Alpha, all you need to do is enter the question, and the app will show you the solution. The platform currently has a series of course assistant apps, reference apps, professional, and personal assistant apps dedicated to different subjects. You can find apps relevant to mathematics, mechanics, chemistry, economics, physics, music theory, and more. 

Cliff Notes

CliffNotes is a brilliant app that gives you access to study materials for almost every subject. Though the focus is on literature, the platform has extended its resources to other topics too. 

The literature section is still superior, with notes on a vast collection of literary works. You can find book summaries, reviews, plot analysis pieces, and more here. 

Now you can find notes in different academic levels, from high school to college and grad school prep. There is also a section that will help you practice standardized tests such as SAT, GRE, GMAT, and others. 


If you are keen on mind maps as a learning strategy, then SimpleMind is an app you should check out. It will let you create mind-maps based on multiple layouts, which helps in organizing thoughts in any way you want. 

You can also make them more engaging by adding images, video, or audio recordings into the maps. Besides, if you are new to the concept, SimpleMind will also guide you through mind-map creation to benefit the most from this learning methodology. 

With such incredible apps, nothing is stopping you from reaching the heights. Did you already know about these, or did you miss a few? If not, do not waste anymore time to download and check them out.