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The most watched Netflix shows in 2022

<strong>The most watched Netflix shows in 2022</strong>

The end of the year is approaching, and that's exactly why it's worth compiling a list of the series that have been big hits this year based on viewing numbers. 2022 was a year of the booming streaming industry, including Netflix. ExpressVPN's piece helps us to present the most streamed shows in 2022 in a credible and comprehensive way.

The Crown Season 5

The Crown Season 5 - <strong>The most watched Netflix shows in 2022</strong>

The Netflix series probably needs no introduction. The Crown has grown in popularity since its launch, but after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the series about her life became even more popular. Although much of the series is fiction, it is one of the most high-quality works about the lives of the British royal family. The fifth season features an entirely new cast, as was the case after the first two seasons, and it is set in the very recent past, in the 1990s.

Mythic Quest Season 3

Mythic Quest season 3 - <strong>The most watched Netflix shows in 2022</strong>

Also available on Apple TV+ is Mythic Quest. The third season of this brilliant workplace comedy is particularly exciting because the end of the previous season left the titular video game studio in many ways in the dark. For those who may not have seen the last seasons, it's not too late to tune in, as each season offers 9-10 episodes of full half-hour “engagement.”

Inside Job Season 2

Inside Job Season 2 - <strong>The most watched Netflix shows in 2022</strong>

The Netflix animated series, which has a rather horrible title in English, is a workplace sitcom for adults with a sense of humor, the basic concept being that conspiracy theories are all true. The setting is Cognito Inc., which is in charge of covering up these cases. The series is co-written and executive produced by Alex Hirsch, who is also the father of Gravity Falls.

Wednesday Season 1

Wednesday - <strong>The most watched Netflix shows in 2022</strong>

One of the youngest members of the Addams Family, the now iconic Wednesday has been given her own series on Netflix. The coming-of-age horror-comedy focuses on Wednesday Addams' time in high school, but there's no doubt that it's not a classic teen series about school. The creators include the legendary Tim Burton, so awesome fun is guaranteed.

Stranger Things Season 4

Stranger Things Season 4 - <strong>The most watched Netflix shows in 2022</strong>

In 2016, Matt and Ross Duffer's series based on 80s movies came out of nowhere, and Stranger Things not only started a wave of nostalgia in a short time but also played a huge role in Netflix's years-long global domination. The creators found themselves with a pleasant problem, as the popularity of the E.T. or Goonies-like sci-fi centered around children was such that they simply had to continue the Hawkins story. It's been six years since then, and after the most prolonged hiatus of the phenomenon that has become the series, we are now on season 4, which has arguably brought fans the most epic nine episodes of the series.

Season 4 picks up after a six-month leap from the previous season, when the Byers and Eleven left the town of Hawkins behind, hoping for a more settled life. Life in Hawkins has not stopped, of course. After a few months of quiet everyday life, another tragedy shakes the town's community when the body of one of Hawkins High School's most popular students is found, blown to pieces. The number one suspect is local Dungeons and Dragons club leader Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) – and the madness only really begins to unravel when a second, similarly mutilated victim is found shortly after. It's no secret to the viewer that behind the gruesome deaths lies not the rampage of a Metallica-loving kid but the machinations of an entity lurking in the darkness of the Upside Down, but awakening. But this creature is entirely different from what we saw on Demogorg or Mind-Flayer. The Duffer brothers have upped the ante with an enemy that is not just a faceless entity but something with a past, a personality, and a clear purpose. Vecna, and the threat she represents, is something this series has needed for a very long time.


This year we can't complain about the quality of the Netflix series, there were many sequels and completely new titles, and everyone could find series in the genre they prefer. What the streaming giant will offer next year is anyone's guess, but looking at the past, we can only be optimistic.