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The most popular mobile games of 2022

The most popular mobile games of 2022

There is no doubt that society is changing due to developments in technology which are now having an affect on the gaming sector. From role-playing and shooter games to strategy and puzzle games, the gaming industry has a huge selection to choose from. This is thanks to technological developments which has facilitated the continual growth of gaming and allowed even more variety on virtual platforms. In fact, since several years ago, mobile gaming has come on in leaps and bounds as technology has completely transformed the mobile phone industry and people are slowly moving away from traditional forms of gaming on consoles and desktop computer.

Playing mobile games nowadays, not just only helps you to relieve stress but also gives you a chance to interact with new people around the gaming community. If you are in the gaming community, you most certainly would have heard of Grand Theft Auto V which is known as the most popular mobile game. This game allows you to play one of the three main characters in the narrative and follow different challenges that are allocated to you. You can also choose to explore the world that you are in with beautiful coastlines, mountains and shopping venues.

In a similar vein, Call of Duty is another popular game with 50,000,000 downloads in Play Store and App Store. It is a favourite among many gamers who appreciate games with high quality graphics, smooth gameplay and the opportunity to explore. The largest factor that draws people in is the fact that it allows multiple people to participate in the game together and play against each other. In this way, they can share tips, tricks and strategies with each other in order to improve their gameplay. Although this game has always been associated with gaming consoles like PlayStation, in 2019 it was made accessible on the mobile phone. This method of playing has also allowed many people to use the claw technique. Although ordinary players use only two thumbs on controls on mobile, claw players use four-finger instead of two mostly composed of thumbs and index fingers in both left and right. This means that they won’t have to sacrifice their expert gameplay if they make the switch from gaming console to mobile device.

If you aren’t too interested in shooting games, Candy Crush Saga is a game that still retains the title of being one of the most popular games on the scene. This game has been especially optimised for the mobile device so that you can have fun on the go. The aim of this game is to swipe candies in order to create sets of 3 or more matching candies. Matching 3 or more candies should create combos. This game is relatively basic and easy to comprehend with loads of different colours on screen to keep you entertained.

It is not just video games that are becoming popular among people, but also online casino games as people are distancing themselves from traditional casino establishments and instead moving towards virtual platforms. In fact, the latest 2022 numbers show that there are 2,000 online casinos, with the top performing online casinos generating more than $10 billion every year. Many are choosing to play games with Megaways including games like slingo free play in order to both have fun and win money. The game of Slingo is essentially a combination of bingo and slots giving you the best of both worlds as you will be able to have all of the fun that you would at a bingo game as well as being in for the chance of winning money like in a game of slots. The premise of this game is to spin the slot reel as you would in a regular slot game at an online casino but match up the numbers that appear with the numbers on the bingo sheet. There is usually about 20 numbers on the bingo sheet so the best case scenario would be to match up all of these numbers in order to be in for a big cash win. Of course, there are also many variations of slots that combine your favourite topics or pastimes like sports or certain board games so that you are never not entertained. The best way to play Slingo is to take a look into all of the symbols that you could come across and memorise their meanings. For example, the joker symbols could result in you gaining more points while the devil symbol usually means that you will have less points if it comes up on your screen. It may also be wise to play in freeplay mode first of all if you want to get accustomed to the game and not risk losing the money that you wager.

In summary, with mobile gaming becoming more and more popular as a viable means to play games, it is no surprise that there is now more variety than ever. Not only are video games being played on mobile devices now, but online casino sites and games can now be accessed from your mobile phone. This makes it easier than ever to play games like Slingo as you can quickly and easily deposit cash and get playing. With technology advancing everyday, this is a trend that will progress further into the future. We should witness plenty more games coming out onto the market which should cater to everyone needs.