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The Best Way To Create A Professional Video For Free Online

The Best Way To Create A Professional Video For Free Online

Are you thinking about creating a polished, professional video to impress your audience? We assure you that it is easier than you think! To achieve a professional look, tools, and techniques are important. There is no need to worry about investing in expensive equipment for this. There are plenty of free video editing software applications and some of the best video editing laptops that might just be your solution. Here is everything that you need to know about how to create a professional video for free online. 

Why Is It Important to Create A Professional Video?

It is hard to deny that video has a special appeal that text and image-based content do not. Here is why it is effective to create video-based content for various reasons. 

  • Popularity: Videos are always effective since texts seem lengthy and are annoying to go through. A video has everything that the audience needs to know in a short time.
  • Influence: Certain studies back the fact that a video is 80% more likely to be remembered than an image or text, thus rendering it useful for the reasons that it is being designed. This gives you an edge over competitors or other entities that may interfere with you, making an impact on your viewers. 
  • High Sharing Potential: If you are looking for an impressive means to communicate with your viewers and make an impact, video is the best option as 92% of viewers share a video that they find impactful. The same may not apply to text-based content. 

Since video is the go-to option for a lot of brands, entities, and people, it comes highly recommended. Free video editing software applications are easily accessible, so, you don’t have to worry about other complications. 

Where are Professional Videos most effective?

If you are thinking of SocialMedia, yes, you are right. Advertisements, mainly video based, are more active on social media, compared to all other sources. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or any other social media apps that billions of people use every day! Just imagine how far and wide your videos may go. The best part is that you do not have to invest in expensive equipment, apps and videographers or animators! You can do it all by yourself with a free online video editor. Read on to know-how. 

Professional Video Editing Software Free Download: InVideo

InVideo - The Best Way To Create A Professional Video For Free Online

To create your professional video and edit it online, freely downloadable Professional Video Editing Software helps you do just that.

InVideo is a Video Creating and Editing App that helps you make professional videos to engage your viewers. With InVideo, you can access over 3 million stock footage, over 1 million Premium Video stock, 1200+ readymade templates that can be customized, and a well-stocked music library.

 With InVideo, you have the option of speech to text typing, automated voice-overs and language options that allow you to make the video in a language of your choice so that you can reach out to a larger audience. If there is an existing article or URL, you can convert it into a video in just a few clicks and without much hassle. 

Some templates are designed as teasers, trailers and logo revealers, which can be customized. All these features of the InVideo App make it the perfect software to make a professional video that resonates with your viewers by engaging and interacting with them to convey whatever it is, that needs to be said. 

Professional Video Editing Software for Free can be accessed. Here, you can create videos for your website, social media campaigns, and even product reviews. Licensed video clips, music, and animations are available for you to create the video exactly how you want it to be. 

Best Video Editing laptop:

Acer Predator Helios 300
Acer Predator Helios 300

While some may feel that a smartphone may not be able to exploit all the features offered by a video making or video editing app, others feel that a desktop is too “immobile”. Here is a compilation of the best video editing laptops:

  • Apple Macbook Air MQD42HN/A 13-inch laptop: This thin and lightweight device weighing merely 1.35 kg is a beast when it comes to performance. Powered by a 1.8GHz Intel Core i5 processor the result is a perfectly created and edited video in high quality. 
  • HP Spectre x360: Elegant yet powerful and one of the best video editing laptops, the HP Spectre x360 has a touch-sensitive screen that can be manipulated with a stylus. This makes video editing all the easier and more accurate. 
  • Asus S510UN-BQ217T Laptop: Exhibiting a NanoEdge display, this Asus laptop is lightweight and thin. Every video editor’s favorite device, is powered by an Intel i5 processor with an 8GB DDR4 RAM. You can expect the best quality videos from these high flying best video editing laptops.
  • Acer Predator Helios 300 High-Performance Laptop: As the name says, this predator has a widescreen and high-quality display to help you make picture-perfect videos. Powered by an i7 quad-core processor, it has 16 GB RAM. Also being budget-friendly, this makes it one of the best video editing laptops.

Thus, The Best Way To Create A Professional Video For Free Online does not demand expenses or resources. It is easy, quick and requires minimal effort, even for those who are just foraying into video making. Professionals already know the high value and importance of video making which is a cakewalk for them. One can never really fathom the depth at which professional videos resonate with the viewers. If you haven’t already tried making a professional video yet, now is the right time to try your hand at it with the best video editing laptops.