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Looking back at the evolution of phones is truly remarkable. Long gone are the days of wired telephones and any restrictions that came along with this equipment. Mobile phones have seen some remarkable transformations due to evolution; From Nokia cell phones, famous for their durability, to slim, modern-looking touch screen devices, a mobile phone is no longer a want but much more a need for the modern-day individual. Mobile phones have remarkable powers behind them with many functionalities. They are so useful that some people even have full-time jobs using their mobile devices. One of the main features that people use mobile phones for is gaming. Gaming is a loose term as it covers a number of sections as ‘gaming’ is a different concept to different people. It can mean playing console games like GTA or COD on the go, or looking for the newest casino sites latest trends and features. It is the online casino market that pushed and embraced this mobile gaming boom. Numerous providers developed apps and optimised their browsers for mobile, so their customers could play anywhere they wished, anytime. Soon, they bolstered their catalogue and are developing new games as technologies advance, particularly 5G – a technology that will greatly improve the experience of smartphone-based entertainment. Read on to find out the best phone for gaming in 2022.

Do You Need a Gaming Phone?

This is one of the most crucial questions that you should ask yourself before even considering purchasing your gaming phone. You have to do your research and understand if the product will actually be able to meet your needs and requirements. What are the requirements? Is this phone too technical for you? Will you be spending too much money on a device that you really don’t need in the long run? You must have a think about what type of gaming it is you require your phone to do for you. If you are looking for a competent phone for online gaming casinos, you should look for a mobile device that offers the newest casino sites latest trends and features. If you are looking for a phone that you can game on, in the sense of shooter games etc, you should ensure the correct technology is installed within the phone to handle this.

What do Gaming Phones Provide that Normal Phones don’t?

Gaming phones are famous for having software integrated within them that makes them much more functional. They will normally utilise the same CPUs and GPUs as the typical smartphone. However, the difference between them and normal phones, is that gaming phones are designed in order for the user to have a user-friendly way of playing games. The design of the phone will normally be bulkier than your average phone with a much more rounded edge to ensure a comfier gaming session when your phone is in that landscape position.

Gaming phones will also normally include an enhanced cooling system and longer-life batteries. This is again implemented to allow the user to have the best possible gaming session. A gaming phone does not have the power of charging any faster than a regular phone, however, due to the way it has been built, you are still able to play games on your phone with it plugged into the charger, but you don’t have to worry about it overheating and causing any damage. Gaming phones are also built with custom UI overlays in order for the user to have access to high-performance modes, controlled customisations and gamer-focused do not disturb profiles.

Phones You Can Purchase

A common phone that many gamers use, especially if you are using it for online casino games, is an ASUS ROG Phone 6. This phone was actually created with online mobile gamers in mind, meaning that everything is made to ensure a great user experience. The phone operates with the Android 12 OS, with the Qualcomm Gen 1 M8475 Snapdragon 8+ processor. ASUS knew that one of the most crucial things for gamers is that they have long-lasting battery life. This is why the ASUS ROG Phone 6 operates with a battery capacity of 6000mAh, RAM of 12GB or 16GB and internal memory capacity that reaches all the way up to 512GB.

Another phone that gamers should think about using is the Nubia Red magic 6R. If you want a top-quality gaming phone but also have a strict budget, the Nubia is the one for you. This mobile device is amazing as it offers all of the things you need in order to have the best gaming experience, but with a price of under just £400. This affordable gaming phone contains a snapdragon 888 processor and a 6.67inch 144Hz display. This is ideal for a novice gamer and is a great device to bring you into the world of mobile gaming. You will also not be disappointed with the features as it includes custom trigger buttons.

Lenovo Legion Duel 2 is another mobile that many gamers love to use. It’s not hard to understand where the love comes from, as the phone also uses snapdragon 888 and has dedicated shoulder buttons that are crucial for any gamers to use key functions. The display comes with a 6.92in screen and the phone is one of the market leaders due to the comfortable features it operates when you place the phone in a landscape position.

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