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The 5 Most Uncomfortable Types of Bonuses

The 5 Most Uncomfortable Types of Bonuses

Everyone loves casino bonuses, and if they are chosen correctly, it is always possible to get an advantage by using them. However, it can be very misleading to pay attention only to numbers and percentages when choosing bonuses. Whether a bonus is really advantageous can only be determined by reading its “terms of use”. And if you make a choice without doing so, you may face some very uncomfortable situations.

We have chosen the most common mistakes (and uncomfortable circumstances) for you, so you can stay away from these types of bonuses!

Seeing the Wagering Rate After the Match Percentage

welcome bonus

The first thing you notice when evaluating casino online welcome bonuses is the match rate, and the higher the rate, the better. 

For example, a 200% rate is always preferred to a 100% rate, because simply put, you will be able to earn more. However, realising that the wagering rate is very high, after making this choice purely by match percentages, is one of the most uncomfortable situations.

In general, we can say that wagering rates greater than 40x are too high. A 200% match bonus that gives you the chance to win 500 EUR/USD will be literally useless if it has a 90x wagering rate. To fully unlock such bonus, you will need to wager EUR 45,000 EUR/USD. This is a very high figure, and to tell the truth, it is better to ask for a special high-roller bonus if you have the budget to cover it. For the same reason, it would make more sense to choose online gambling bonuses with reasonable odds. Casino Gods bonus is a good example of this. 

Seeing That There Is a Game Limit After Getting Free Spins

Free Spins online

You can get two things by taking advantage of a no deposit bonus:

  • A small number of free spins;
  • A small amount of cash balance.

It is possible to start using both immediately, and all you have to do is complete the membership process. That sounds nice, doesn't it?

Indeed, no deposit bonuses are very advantageous and allow you to learn about an online casino without the need to make a financial investment. Moreover, if you earn a prize using your bonus, you will be allowed to keep it. Earn bonuses without making an investment, keep payouts, and get an idea of ​​the casino site: all these offers are the advantages you can get with no deposit bonuses.

However, if the operator has limited the use of your free spins (or cash balance) to a single game, you will not receive almost any of these benefits. As can be guessed, this is a highly uncomfortable situation: you are forced to play a particular game, even if you are not interested in it. Usually, one of the least played slot machines is selected for this job, and you are required to use your bonus within 24 hours. No deposit bonuses with such restrictions are not useful at all, and it is best to avoid them. 

Seeing That There Is a Time Limit to the Wagering Requirement

Even if you check your wagering rates on the current promotions page, you must read all the terms of use carefully. Even the lowest wagering rates can make a bonus completely useless if they have strict time limits.

Most online casinos do not set a deadline for wagering obligations: you can complete them at any time. However, some campaigns are designed to “challenge” players and require the wagering to be completed in a very short time. Even if the wagering rate is 20x, this may not be a suitable bonus for you if you need to complete the requirement within a week, for example.

It is quite uncomfortable to notice that there is a time limit for the wagering when you think you have found a bonus with ideal terms and rates. In this context, try not to use any bonuses with a one-week term requirement. The time limit must either be absent or should be at least one month. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to complete the wagering, especially if you have a limited budget.

Seeing That There Is a Maximum Cashout Limit After Activating a Bonus

For those who don’t know, maximum cashout limits are the “joke” of the iGaming industry. Bonuses with a cashout limit have no restrictions on how much you can win. It is even possible to win 10,000 EUR/USD – yes, that type of bonuses exist. Online casinos can even promise you a 100,000 EUR/USD bonus, as long as there is a maximum cashout term. To explain it simply, here is an example:

  • The bonus has a cashout limit, and it is 100 EUR/USD. 
  • You won 1,000 EUR/USD by using this bonus. Maybe you won them from free spins, or maybe from the match rates, it does not matter. You have a 1,000 EUR/USD on your bonus balance.
  • You are allowed to withdraw only 100 EUR/USD from this balance because this is the cashout limit. The rest of your profit simply vanishes to thin air. 

This is an extremely uncomfortable and annoying situation: the wagering rate was low, the match rate was high, there was no time limit, everything seemed to be perfect. You played by the rules and won a satisfying amount. But you are not allowed to use it because there is a cashout limit, and you didn’t see it coming.

Such misleading tactics are quite common in white-label casino sites, especially the ones that offer a bonus for every day of the week. If the online casino of your choice offers dozens of bonuses, and each one requires a bonus code, beware – these promotions are highly likely to have a cashout limit.

Seeing That There Is a Payout Limit Even Without a Wagering

Sometimes you think that you have found the perfect online casino bonus: it offers big percentages, no limitations of any kind, and, most importantly, no wagering at all. Yes, it is a very rare situation, but online casino bonuses without a wagering requirement do exist. In other words, everything is fine at first sight. You get your free spins or cash prize and use them on any game you want. And since you are extremely lucky, you score a big winning in the first few minutes. 

But… what is that warning on your screen? Payout limit? What is that?

If an online casino gives you a bonus without any wagering requirement, there is always a catch. In other words, if an offer seems too good to be true, it is not true. If there is no wagering, there might be a limit on how much you can win. If this is a free spins bonus, for example, all of your spins will be limited to 0.20 EUR each. This means even if you win them all, your total prize won’t be bigger than 5 EUR. Or, if it is a cash bonus, you will be forced to use all of it in a single bet, and you won’t be able to win more than the bonus amount. In short, there is always a catch.

Our role as players is to carefully read all the terms of use and try our best to avoid any uncomfortable situations. Keep in mind that you always have an alternative and can find dozens of different offers if you don't like a particular bonus. The iGaming industry is big enough, and you can always find a fairer offer!