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Smartphones on a Budget

Smartphones on a Budget

Nowadays, you only get a flagship from quality brands like Samsung and Apple over $1000. Don’t worry, you will also find cheaper ones under $500 with great features like 5G, big touchscreen or fingerprint. Here is a selection of pricey phones in comparison with others.

Cheapest iPhone: iPhone SE

iPhone SE looks like the iPhone 8 back in the day. In the middle you can find the typical home button where you can change your settings to Touch ID. The screen is not the biggest in comparison with other budget phones. Other than that, the phone contains an A15 processor, the same one that is on the iPhone 13. The performance is a little slower than the newest iPhone. It’s the same with pixels and water resistance. The camera in general looks like an old design which includes 12-megapixel. The focus is quicker, and the time process is faster. Like the newer phones, the iPhone SE has a portrait mode and other styles to offer. The battery is also bigger than the older model, which offers enough power to get through the whole day. The cheapest one starts with $429 (64 GB) and you will get for under $500,128 GB. You should also know that the SE doesn’t have any night mode for taking pictures. The reason why many people like to buy an iPhone are the graphics. The App Store has many games to offer, also with their arcade games section and other classic games such as the casino games. Although the App Store has increase their demand on such games, there are platforms, such as VSO, that continue having a huge number of user because of its offers like updated real money slots and other games. In addition, compared to the apps in this sector, playing from this type of website has its advantages. For example, you have different bonuses such as welcome bonuses, free spins or weekly promotions. Thus, players, with different budgets, have the possibility to choose the bonuses. In addition, it is important to have access to the most commonly used deposit methods, although most of them have credit/debit card and e-wallet payments. Also, you can enjoy gaming wherever you are, that’s why they are optimized for all devices. However, the iPhone SE is a great choice, if you don’t have too many expectations and seeking for a quality product.

Cheapest Android: Samsung Galaxy A13

The Samsung Galaxy A13 is a smartphone that offers 5G with a low price and last for around ten hours of battery. You will not find a charger, but only a USB-C cable. The screen is bigger and thicker in comparison with the iPhone SE, that is why it is a bit of a challenge to use it with one hand. There is a fingerprint scanner which is hiding on the power button. If you turn the phone, you can find trio cameras, where you can shoot wide-angle and standard pictures. Don’t get your hopes up to high on the camera quality. The processor is standard with not the biggest performance. Other disadvantages are the lack of wireless charging and water resistance. The Samsung Galaxy A13 will come with the preinstalled Android 11 software and can’t be updated to the new Android 12 version. Normal software updates and apps eat more than 28% of your 64 GB every time when you start an update. It is recommended to put a MicroSD card in your phone. All in all, it is a good phone if you don’t care much about high-tech quality and other things. It is more minimalistic and simpler. This phone you will get for $250 online and in the shops. 

Everything you need to know, before buying a budget phone

Recycle your old one

Before throwing your phone away, think about the damage to the environment. Sell your old phone to companies, that will refurbish and resell. So, you don’t need to take care of the shipping and refurbishment companies. With the recycling the old phone option , you will help to save the planet and get many for a device that you don’t use anymore. It will not save other environmental issues, but at least you are preventing another phone to end up somewhere.

iPhone or Android

iPhone and Android phones, both come with advantages and disadvantages. The iPhone offers a long-lasting software, but don’t have a removable storage. Not every Android can update the newest versions, but at least you can add more external storage to it. Find a phone that suits you the best. Make a list of pros and cons, if you are unsure.

Screen size

People always like to go with the bigger screen size. Go to the store and check them out by yourself. Big phones can be unpractical in daily life if your hands are small, for example, especially when you are in a rush or scrolling while walking. Choose the one that fits perfectly in your hands, which is not too heavy and too thin either.


It is recommended to take a higher storage than the one you would buy. Always go with a bigger one. 64 GB will not last you long over the years. Choose 128 GB or higher. Nothing sucks more than starting to delete apps, videos, and pictures.

If you want to buy a cheap phone, think about the things that you should include in your decision like screen size, storage, iPhone, or Android, etc. Making the proper choice sometimes needs a bit of time. Go with the phone that satisfies you and offers you all the features that you require