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Roulette is a well-known gambling game based on a rotating drum with numbered sectors. A ball is launched in a circle, and the player has to guess in which cell it will remain after the wheel stops. The history of entertainment began in the XVIII century, when Blaise Pascal invented the first version of roulette. Later it was improved many times. In modern virtual casinos you can play online roulette, the principle of which remains unchanged. But the appearance of a particular color or number is an accident that cannot be predicted or changed.

Perhaps there is no game more mystical than casino roulette. There are many myths about it, and some even suggest that it is the entertainment of the devil himself. Today roulette is considered the queen of gambling, so it is not surprising that in 2023 it is present in all live casinos such as Skycity online casino and others.

If a player is looking for a reliable club, he should pay attention to the ratings of roulette casinos, which include only licensed and safe sites where the game is presented in many varieties.

Rules of playing roulette in online casinos

The goal of playing roulette in a casino is to predict on which sector the ball will stop moving and place a bet on the corresponding number or color. In the online version of the game, a special table is used for betting. Winning bets are paid according to the multipliers established by the rules, and the money is automatically credited to the player’s account. Upon completion of the session and payments, you can start a new round. If the game is played in live mode, it is managed by a professional dealer who announces the launch of the wheel, offers to place bets, etc.

Types of bets in online casino roulette

In online casino roulette, you can make different bets, which are generally divided into two groups: internal and external. In the first case, the player bets on one or more numbers, covering the corresponding cells of the main table field with chips. The cells for external bets are located around.

Internal bets are represented by the following types:

  • straight – on one number, odds 35:1 (with rare exceptions);
  • split – two numbers, 17:1;
  • street – three, 11:1;
  • corner – four, 8:1;
  • sexline – six, 5:1

You can bet on one or two zeros (if the variation of the game involves sector 00).  In American ruletka online chips can be placed on the strip located in the middle of 0 and 00. Winnings are paid with a multiplier of 17:1. Split and straight from numbers 1-3 are paid 6:1. The classic modification of the game allows you to bet on the split of numbers 1-4 and 0.

Outside bets are less risky for the player, so they are cheaper and best suited for beginners without experience. They are as follows:

  • black/red – 18 numbers, multiplier 1:1;
  • even/odd – 18, 1:1;
  • small (1-18) / large (19-36) numbers – 18, 1:1;
  • column/dozen – 12, 2:1.

The first three types are bets on equal chances. That is, in theory, the player and the dealer have the same probability of winning. But in practice, 18 chips cover less than half of the table, because there are one or two sectors with zero.

A separate type of bets is oral bets, which are allowed by the rules of some models of European and French casino roulette. This is an option for the most experienced gamblers. For such bets there is a separate field where you should use 4-9 chips. The rounds can be as follows

  • large – 9 chips for 17 numbers;
  • small (one third of the wheel) – 6 on 12 consecutive numbers;
  • zero – 4 on numbers next to 0;
  • orphan – 5 on 8 numbers placed opposite each other.

All the listed types of bets in online casino roulette can be combined, while taking into account the lower and upper limits of the amount provided in the game. For internal bets, the minimum limit is lower because the multiplier of the winning number is higher. In addition, some variations of the game have their own unique rules, which you should pay attention to before starting the wheel.

Types of roulette in online casinos

Roulette in online casinos is represented by dozens of versions: 2D and 3D, mini, no zero, standard, etc. But there are three main types of entertainment: European, French, American Roulette.

European Roulette

By popularity, European Roulette takes the top place in the casino roulette rating. This is the simplest (classic) option that is best suited for a beginner. The game wheel consists of 37 sectors: numbers 1-36 and the zero cell. The player is offered to bet on any sector and in case of winning the bet to receive a reward that is immediately credited to the balance. In this type of game, the advantage of the gambling establishment is 2.7%, RTP – about 97%. These are very good indicators.

French Roulette

This variant differs from the European online roulette by the La Partage rule, which applies to bets with equal chances. According to the rule, the player is returned 50% of the chips, provided that the ball stops at zero. This primarily explains the popularity of French Roulette.

American Roulette

The main feature of American Roulette is the presence of sector 00. On the one hand, it increases the casino advantage to about 5.25%. On the other hand, it allows you to make special bets, such as double zero and combinations with it. The theoretical return of the game is 94.74%. Sometimes American Roulette rules include the Surrender Rule option, which is an analogue of La Partage. This is beneficial because it mathematically reduces the advantage of the gambling establishment to 2.6%.

Live roulette with live croupiers in online casinos

The only format where free roulette online demo is impossible is live tables. In games with live dealers, only cash bets are allowed, but this does not make such entertainment less popular. Live games are actively developing, they are produced by many companies. The leader in the relevant field is the Evolution Gaming provider, which as of 2023 has created and delivered to casinos truly innovative developments with high multipliers, non-standard features and high wheel speed.

The live online casino roulette is broadcast from a real studio where the table with the wheel is located. The process is managed by a professional dealer with whom you can communicate. All actions of the host are filmed by cameras and broadcasted in real time. This creates an atmosphere that reigns in the land-based hall and adds brightness to the game.

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