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Renting a Van Online – The Definitive Guide (2020)

Renting a Van Online – The Definitive Guide (2020)

Are you looking to hire a van? Do you know the elements that need to be taken care of while hiring one? We are here to help make the process of hiring exciting and peaceful. It’s essential that you ensure everything is taken care of in advance. Hiring a car or Van should always be hassle-free and stress-free. 

This guide will take you through everything you need to know about hiring a van in your home country or abroad. Hope this will make the process easier and smooth as we have put together all the tips and answered all the doubts.

Before Rental

Know your need

First off, you need to estimate how much space you’ll need. Knowing your needs is very important as you could be paying rental costs for a van that is too big for your needs or just end up with a van that is too small.

Vans vary in size and requirement from a small van to a Luton van. In case you are moving heavy items, a van with a tailgate life may be an excellent option to help you with loading and unloading.

- Renting a Van Online - The Definitive Guide (2020)

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Compare prices

While comparing van rental prices, make sure that you know what is included and what is excluded in the price. 

Do not assume that the company which offers cheap rentals will include all the elements you need. Always make sure that you go through the full details, terms, and conditions of the rental deal before you confirm it. 

Compare deals with similar rates and services. It is better to always go for deals with unlimited mileage. And then, select the deal with a combination of affordable prices and required services.

How to Book a Van?

If you are booking a van rental over the phone, please make sure that you pay close attention to what all is included in the rental package. It is better to check with experts like Transport Executive regarding the rental terms and conditions. 

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Things that need to be paid attention are:

  • Whether price includes unlimited mileage?
  • Is price inclusive of any taxes?
  • Whether there is any location surcharge (as many airports have one)?
  • What is the excess payment in case of any damage?
  • Whether there is an extra fee charged if pickup and dropoff are at different locations?
  • Are there any extra costs included in the price?
  • Whether there is an extra fee charged for traveling outside the country?
  • What’s the driver’s fee?

Documents required to Book a Van?

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Documentation plays a vital role while you hire a van. You will need a driving license for the type of the Van you are hiring incase you’ll be driving it on your own. Other than this, you need documents such as your Passport, any Identity Card issued by the Government.

Make sure to ask the rental company as well, if you need any other documents for booking a van.

Things to keep in mind while signing a Rental Contract?

The van rental agreement is a formal contract between you and the rental company. It consists of the terms and conditions for using the rented vehicle. It also includes details of the vehicle hired, rental charges, any additional items purchased, and when the rental period begins and ends. 

Take your time to go through the rental agreement carefully. Make sure you understand the terms of your van rental contract before you sign it.

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Things that need to be considered before you sign the agreement:

  • Mileage
  • Accident and loss damage waiver
  • Theft disclaimer
  • What is excluded from the theft or damage waiver cover?
  • Fuel charges
  • Refueling policy

Check the van carefully before taking it on the road

It is always suggested to inspect the vehicle before you sign the rental agreement. If you find any bumps, scratches, dents or scrapes, no matter how small it is, check if it is mentioned in the rental agreement. Also, make sure you check the interior of the vehicle and if any spare wheel and tools are present. If you fail to inspect the van and the rental company finds any damage, you will be held responsible for it, resulting in paying for the loss.

During the Rental Period

What to do in case of an accident?

Don’t panic. In case, if you have an accident, you must admit responsibility to the third party involved in the accident. Make sure you note down the names and addresses of people involved, including witnesses, if any, and call the nearest branch of the rental company. You need to complete an accident report form while returning the Van. 

What to do if the van breakdowns?

In case of vehicle breakdown, check with a roadside assistance company, which is often used by the rental companies. Most of the hired vans are covered by roadside assistance. In case the rental company didn’t provide any contact details regarding roadside assistance, call the rental company and ask if there are any other options.

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Road Traffic Offenses

In case, if you have committed a road traffic offensen, you may be held responsible for additional charges other than fines. Handling and processing of each offense are different depending on the type of fine and the rental company you have hired from. 

Returning the Vehicle – Checking if there is any Damage

Always ensure that the vehicle is inspected in front of you and that you agree with all the remarks in the inspection report. If there are any damages, you’ll need to complete the accident report form and sign it. You will be held responsible for the damage and additional charges need to be paid for it. 

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What can I do if I return the vehicle out of working hours?

It is always recommended to return the van during regular working hours. Some rental companies may allow returning the vehicle out of opening hours. But, you should be aware of the risks and implications before you do it. 

In case, you return the vehicle out of regular hours and if there is no staff available, take photographs of the Van inside and out once it is parked at the company’s drop off point. Also, make sure that you send the photos to the manager of the van rental agency to avoid risk. 

After the Rental

How to file a complaint at the Rental Company?

If you are not satisfied with the services or have any disputes with the rental company, you may contact the company’s customer service department to address the complaints. They will contact you either through email or phone based on the method of communication they follow.

Customer Feedback

In this age of the internet, people choose a rental company based on reviews on the internet. Collecting feedback from the customers increases their value in the market. 

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(Image Source: Pexels)

In case you want to give any suggestions to the rental company, always do it. It helps them improve their performance to render better services to you.

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