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The Reasons Why Gmail Has Become The Most Popular Email Service

The Reasons Why Gmail Has Become The Most Popular Email Service

Millions and millions of people all over the world take advantage of Gmail every day as their main email account, and it’s easy to see why.

The most popular email platform on the planet today, Google has absolutely knocked it out of the park with this free email solution. Not only is it effortless to get started with (and always completely free of charge), but it also happens to be lightning fast, offers plenty of storage, and integrates seamlessly with all of your devices.

It really doesn’t get much better than this!

If you’re still trying to figure out whether or not Gmail is right for you, check out the rest of this quick guide.

Google makes it effortless to setup a brand new Gmail account

You can get set up and running with a brand new Gmail account in less than 5 minutes, thanks to the effort behind the scenes at Google to make this process as easy as can be.

All you’ll need is an active internet connection and a computer, phone, or tablet. Simply pop over to the Gmail website, follow the on-screen prompts, and in 3-5 minutes you’ll have your new account. If you need a little bit more help, here’s a quick guide to walk you step-by-step through the whole process. Use this info to get up and running in no time at all!

Your Gmail integrates with the rest of your Google Account, essentially your digital passport

Not only is your Gmail account going to give you access to some of the most powerful but easy to use email tools out there today, but it’s also going to become your “digital passport”.

To avoid you having to remember a million and one different passwords and usernames, more and more websites, apps, and online services allow for direct integration with your Gmail account. All you have to do is connect these sites to your account and you’ll be able to log in to them with the same credentials you use for Gmail.


It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Gmail is considered to be one of the (if not THE) most secure free email platform out there

Offering world class security features that aren’t available anywhere else (without spending literally thousands and thousands of dollars on tech, software, and hiring people to keep things up to date), all of your emails through Gmail are going to be protected with top tier security features.

With two-stage verification (and connecting your mobile number to your account) you’ll also be able to keep hackers and crackers out of your account as well. This cuts down on account fraud dramatically and keeps your private and personal information exactly that – private and personal.

You can access Gmail from any computer, phone, or tablet on the planet without any headache at all

The fact that Gmail is accessible on pretty much every internet enabled device – with native apps for smartphones and tablets, and a tremendously feature rich browser version for ALL computers – means you’ll never have to worry about missing out on any important emails ever again.

Hopefully, now you better understand the advantages of getting yourself setup with a Gmail account ASAP.


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