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When you think of Bingo, there may be a few things that instantly pop into your head, such as the coloured daubers, the Bingo cards and even the iconic Bingo calls like two little ducks, 22!

But as the years have gone on, some Bingo calls have changed to suit the modern times and the new phrases and sayings of today. With this in mind, we want to take a look at just some of the many modern UK Bingo calls you may hear when you play Bingo.

Are you ready to get calling?

1 – One Direction

Paying homage to the British boy band, One Direction, some callers call out “One Direction” rather than “On its own, number one” or “Kelly’s Eye, number one”.

3 – Cup of Herbal Tea

With some now opting to try something new in the UK, herbal tea rather than the ol’ breakfast tea, “Cup of tea, number three” has been changed in some places to “Cup of Herbal Tea, number three”.

9 – Selfie Time!

Would it really be an outing to the Bingo hall if a selfie wasn’t taken? To pay homage to the modern way of photography, number nine in some places has a new call of “Selfie Time, number nine!” rather than “Doctor’s Orders, number nine”.

11 – Dinner with Bae

Paying homage to the new slang of ‘babe’, and the quality time you spend together one to one, such as having dinner, number 11 can now be heard as “Dinner with Bae, number 11”, instead of the traditional call of “Legs Eleven, number 11”.

22 – Tay Tay

Paying homage to the 2012 hit, 22, by Taylor Swift, also known as Tay Tay, number 22 has been refreshed from its traditional “Two Little Ducks, number 22” to “Tay Tay, number 22”.

31 – Man Bun

With males in recent years now opting to grow their hair out and tie it into a top knot bun, also known as a ‘man bun’, number 31’s call has been changed from the traditional “Get up and Run, number 31” to “Man Bun, number 31”.

42 – Let’s be Havin’ You!

Inspired by a tipsy Delia Smith at a football stadium one time, where she was recorded saying this exact quote, number 42’s Bingo call has been changed from “Winnie the Pooh, number 42” to “Let’s be Havin’ You, number 42!”

59 – Tequila and Lime

A bit like the yeast sandwich spread Marmite, people either love or hate Tequila, but it has grown in popularity in recent years. Therefore, the new rhyme for number 59 is very fitting for certain ages playing Bingo. So, instead of hearing “Brighton Line, number 59” you could be hearing “Tequila and Lime, number 59” when you next play Bingo!

These are just a handful of the many newly updated and modernised Bingo calls you could be hearing the next time you play a game or two of Bingo!

Now, when you’re next enjoying a game or two, your ears will be tuned to the new modern calls which you could find being called out.

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