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Studies show that we spend an average of 6.5hours online each day. That means that a fourth part of our day is spend connected to internet through an electronic device. But just like with any other aspect on our lives, we need to make sure we are safe. Hackers are always looking to take advantage of unaware internet users, so it is very important that we learn some basics about internet safety.

Setting up a password for your WIFI connection

Most people use a WIFI connection to get online, especially while at home. But sometimes, internet carriers may install our WIFI connection without setting a password for it. This can be quite problematic since this is not only an open invitation to anyone who wants to use our WIFI (making us suffer a lower speed on our internet connection), but it also makes the hackers job easier (with the respective risk of them accessing our private information and credentials).

Thankfully, websites like feature all the information you could need to make your WIFI connection safe, including how to set a WIFI password

Setting up a WIFI password might seem like a scary process if we are not very familiar with technology, but it is actually easier than you could had ever thought. All you need to do is follow some simple steps:

  1. You need to connect your computer with your router physically. For this, you will need to connect an Ethernet cable to both, the computer and the router ports.
  2. Turn on your computer and open a tab on your favorite internet browser. 
  3. You need to write  “” on your url / search tab. This number may vary depending of your router’s manufacturer (although most use this number), so you may need to check the instructions if by any chance it does not work.
  4. This will allow you direct access to a menu that controls your router. Look out for the tab “Wireless Settings”, then “Wireless Security”. Here you will be able to change your WIFI password for a new one.

Different routers may vary slightly on some of the steps of the process, but overall, changing your WIFI password should be something easy to achieve in less than 10 minutes. 

A router that fits your needs

As you may have notice on the previous section, all routers are not the same. The performance of the router and the safety they bring into the table can vary very drastically between different models. But a model that has proven to be trustworthy, not only for your home but also for your business or office is the fast 5260 model. 

The fast 5260 model is one of the safest models in the market. But, since they take security to the next level, setting a new WIFI password on this model may be more complicated than with regular routers. However, it only takes a couple of extra steps to get the work done:

  1. Connect your computer physically to your fast 5260 router.
  2. Open a tab on your favorite browser. It is recommended that the browser is updated to its latest version.
  3. Enter the IP address “” on the URL address. In some cases there might be an error message, in which case we will use the IP address “”.
  4. A window asking for our credentials will show up. These credentials can be: Username: admin and Password: admin or Username: user123 and Password: password.
  5. A new menu will open after entering our credentials. Click on the “WIFI 2.4 GHz” tab. Then select the “basic” tab at the top.
  6. Introduce your new WIFI password on “password”. It is recommended to use an alphanumeric password that does not include personal information.
  7. Click on apply to save the changes.

And just like that, you have your brand fast 5260 router ready and set to go. 

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