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In recent years the use of mood lighting has grown in popularity for people wanting a focal point within their living space. So, then it also is no surprise that neon lights have also made a comeback. The new wave of popularity of neon has been facilitated by companies like Neon Mama, who have revolutionised the design and construction methodof traditional neon tube lighting.

Materials of quality

Neon Mama uses top quality materials in the construction of their neon signs. With their high-quality tubing, there is no concern of glass breakages. The signs on offer are 100% recyclable and very eco-friendly. This is because LEDs are used to provide an amazingly bright glow. The efficient LED light uses a fraction of the energy used by traditional Neon lighting; therefore, your energy bills are also saved. Only 5% of the energy that is consumed by LEDs is turned in to heat. Hence the signs are safeto the touch and never get hot. Neon Mama offers dimmable, colour-changing, and waterproof neon in a wide range of sizes and colours.

An eclectic range to choose from

Whatever your taste, you want a neon sign to make a visual punch in your space. It is all about the impact made! Neon Mama has a vast range of on-trend, inspirational quotes, and motivational phrases formed in beautiful neon lights. Also, they also have an extensive range of image signs. From melting hearts to drooling lips, even astronauts, there is something for everyone!

A bespoke offering…

If you do fancy a neon sign design that can’t be found in Neon Mama’s extensive catalog, then this company has got your back. They offer custom neon signs which are hand-made to your specifications. Use the simple online design tool to select your text, font colour, and size, then get creative with your words! If it is more than a text-based sign you are yearning, Neon Mama can work from design pictures you submit. So, this may be, for instance, a commercial logo. The service is very quick, and the company promises to return contact from their design team within 24hrs of your design submission.

The lead time for production is fast and worldwide shipping is quick. So get yourself a neon sign art piece from Neon Mama……signs with soul!

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