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Key Tips to Becoming a Better Player in Apex Legends

Key Tips to Becoming a Better Player in Apex Legends

Talking about battle royale games, Apex Legends is one game that will give you interesting gameplay. It owes this to its impressive progression system, captivating gameplay, and its incorporation of properties from other game genres. However, the flowery hype shouldn't make you feel it’s all glamour because the game is also a tough one.

Sometimes, the gun battles can even overwhelm you. Your only savior would be your shooting skills and overall strategy. So, this article will reveal some tricks to improve your game. Don’t forget to grab some epic apex legends hacks to simplify the process. 

6 Tips to Becoming a Better Apex Legend Player

  1. Make things move at your pace.

If you've spent some time in the settings tab, you may have noticed that you can tweak your mouse sensitivity and ADS (Aim Down Sights) sensitivity. The former is of more importance as you don't want your crosshair moving across the screen faster than you can control it. 

While you may be tempted to follow your favorite online streamer's setting, we strongly advise you not to. When it comes to mouse sensitivity, this depends significantly on personal preferences and style. For an 800 DPI mouse, we recommend a sensitivity of 0.3 – 0.4.

  1. Good map knowledge improves movement.

Sometimes, your death can result from entering the wrong passageway or landing in a dangerous location. First off, you'll need to land in a location where you'll find essential loot. Since you'll enter the game with no amour or weapons, the earlier you find something, the better.

Therefore, you must put extra effort into knowing the map you’re playing on. For instance, if you’re looking for top-tier loot, you’d want to look in places such as the Bunker, Artillery, Swamps, Relay, etc. But since other players probably know these locations hold good loot, they’ll also head there. As such, you must only approach these places when you’re armed.

  1. Learn to identify loot tiers

You wouldn't want to run across the map risking your head to get loot that is of little value. There's an easy way by which you can identify weapons in order of their importance. Gray weapons belong to the lowest tier, blue and purple both belong to the middle tier, with purple higher, and gold sits at the top.

To easily know where to go for loot, the best place to look is your minimap at the top of your screen to the left. The minimap also contains details such as the location name and the loot tier available. While low and mid-tier loot is common, you'll need to scratch a bit harder to find Gold-colored loot.

  1. Hone your skills in the practice mode

There’s no better place to do all your trials and errors than the practice mode. More so, you’ll help you learn your map and different locations on the map. In the training mode, players can also avail the opportunity to tweak the settings until they find one that suits their play style.

You'll also get to improve your aiming in the game. We almost forgot to mention that you'll need somewhere to discover how to use the different legends available in the game. The training mode is just the right place for that.

  1. Watch streamers

You’re probably someone who learns best with pictures. In that case, there’s no better thing to do than watching streamers. Mind you, YouTube isn’t the place for this – Twitch is the most popular platform where you’ll find streamers playing different game genres.

However, watching the streaming isn’t just all you have to do, but paying close attention to what details. You might want to learn how they pass levels that give you a really tough time. In general, you’ll learn tricks that will help you improve your gameplay drastically.


Playing a game like Apex Legends might give you a really tough time in getting better. However, you can still beat the odds with consistent practice. Incorporating the tips we've mentioned above during your training and actual games will also boost your performance a great deal. Also, your aiming is key to work on if you want better results in your Apex Legends game. Thankfully, you'll find other guides on that by a simple Google Search.