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LONDON, [11/09/2023] — JS Holdings Group, a foremost pioneer in promoting K-culture in the UK, most notably through its acclaimed Korean restaurant franchise, Yori, has taken a giant digital leap forward. The company has now integrated the groundbreaking software, Morningmate, by Madras Check, known as in its South Korean home base where it reigns as the top-tier project collaboration platform.

Established in 2016, JS Holdings Group has created a culinary footprint in the UK, championing beloved K-food brands such as Yori, Mori, Nori, and Cake & Bingsoo. Their incredible journey, marked by a robust workforce of 450 people and impressive sales surpassing £14 million GBP within just seven years, doesn’t end at food. They have been instrumental in introducing the UK to popular Gen-Z lifestyle brands such as Life in 4 Cuts, an interactive photo booth studio.

This expansion trajectory of JS Holdings Group has necessitated the adoption of modern collaborative tools. Adopting Morningmate underscores their determination to foster an agile digital workplace, ensuring seamless communication across its global workforce, and sustaining its aggressive growth strategy.

The significant uptick in new store inaugurations around the UK highlighted the need for the Group to transcend traditional communication mediums like WhatsApp. Morningmate, an all-encompassing collaboration tool, offers:

Available across web, desktop, and mobile platforms, Morningmate ensures employees remain connected, productive, and agile across devices. Prioritising not just collaboration but also organisational security, the platform boasts features like data encryption, extensive file/message logging, two-factor authentication, and a secure messaging system.

Speaking on this development, Kim Jong-soon, CEO of JS Holdings Group, articulated, “In an industry marked by frequent entries and exits of personnel, managing work history becomes paramount. Our earlier reliance on WhatsApp posed challenges in delineating personal and professional spaces while raising security concerns. With Morningmate, we anticipate fostering a methodical organisational culture, marked by structured historical record-keeping and streamlined work processes.”

Lee Hak-june, CEO of Morningmate, remarked, “Our association with JS Holdings Group, a torchbearer of Korean culture in the UK, is truly momentous. Our mission with Morningmate is to continually aid businesses by offering an intuitive tool that not only simplifies digital workspace transformation but also champions a culture of constructive collaboration and feedback.”

On the global front, following its international outreach in April, Madras Check is positioned for increased competitiveness in territories including the UK, the US, Japan, Vietnam, Mexico, and Colombia. Morningmate’s internationalisation strategy, which prioritises cultural, linguistic, and user experience nuances, has substantially elevated customer satisfaction. In a future-forward move, Madras Check is also ambitiously eyeing a listing on the NASDAQ, aiming to become an emblematic representation of the South Korean software landscape.

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