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Is Mobile Gaming Better Than Console Gaming? Maybe…

Is Mobile Gaming Better Than Console Gaming? Maybe…

In the modern digital age, we are hardly strangers to technological advances and the massive impact that they tend to have on the way people live their lives on both a personal and professional level. The developments in gaming are making it so that they are much more inclined to game as a hobby, but that is not the only development that have been seen within the realm of gaming. Another development is that of mobile gaming as the means by which people play games have evolved to make it so that people have access to some of the best and most immersive titles right there in the palm of their hand. Here is why mobile gaming is considered by some as better than console gaming.

There Is More Variety

When it comes to gaming, there is a huge amount of variety in general, which is very appealing to people all over the world because regardless of what you’re into, you are going to find a game that you love going on. That being said, the variety that is at your disposal is much more vast when you are into mobile gaming as opposed to the variety available to you if you like gaming on consoles. Right from the click of a finger, you have access to the best titles available on consoles such as Fortnite, but then if you would rather go on a more classic gaming format, you also have the option to go on some of the best online pokies that are out there too.

There is a Community

The community that is available when it comes to mobile gaming truly is something to be marveled at as you get compared on scoreboards to players from all over the world. You could be competing against your next-door neighbor or could well find yourself against the likes of someone totally on the other side of the world. Through the medium of mobile gaming, you are going to be able to trade tactics, trash talk, and generally, just have a bit of fun when playing games your love.

They’re Cheaper

The cost of living is only getting higher, and the impact that that has can be seen already as the likes of Netflix are seeing record high cancellations as people everywhere tighten up their purse strings. Of course, gaming can be quite pricy, especially when you look at the price of the newest consoles and releases. Everyone already has a smartphone, and games on the app store are cheap, so this is a better option if you’re trying to save a bit of money.


There have been a huge number of improvements in technology over the past few decades, and with that, gaming has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment on the planet. With that, so too has mobile gaming become incredibly popular. Above, it is discussed in more detail exactly why mobile gaming is considered by many as being better than console.