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Is CBD Oil a Natural Pain Reliever?

Is CBD Oil a Natural Pain Reliever?

CBD oil has become the fastest growing supplement industry, with an increasing number of people looking to include CBD into their dietary supplement rotation. Continuous research has shown that taking even a small amount of CBD each day could help to boost your overall health.

The effects that CBD can have on pain and its ability to act as a natural pain reliever has been one of the critical areas of research over the last few years. Increasingly, people are looking for natural ways to manage pain without having to reach for traditional painkillers that are packed with artificial ingredients.

Let's take a look at precisely what CBD oil is and how it could help you to manage pain more effectively.

What Is CBD Oil?

Cannabis and hemp plants contain hundreds of different cannabinoids, including CBD, which is the primary cannabinoid that people associate with the plants' natural health benefits. CBD can be extracted from the plant and filtered, before being combined with other natural oils, vitamins, and minerals in order to create a nutrient-rich supplement.

Some CBD oils are sold as CBD isolate, meaning that all of the other cannabinoids from the plant get filtered out so that they are not present in the final product. Some people prefer this type of CBD oil as it provides a pure CBD experience.

Alternatively, CBD oils are often sold as full-spectrum oils, containing many of the other cannabinoids that naturally occur within hemp and cannabis plants. Research has shown that when cannabinoids enter the body, they work together and can enhance the effects that are felt.

CBD oil is loved for its versatility and can be used both on its own or added to recipes in order to be discreetly consumed within meals and treats. When taking CBD to treat pain, the best method is to take it sublingually. Simply place a few drops of oil under your tongue and allow it to absorb into your bloodstream over the course of a few minutes. 

Taking CBD oil sublingually results in much faster effects as it does not have to get digested before entering your bloodstream.

How Does CBD Oil Relieve Pain?

When CBD and other cannabinoids enter your bloodstream, they team up with your body's natural supply of cannabinoids in order to ensure that your endocannabinoid system is working to its full potential.

The endocannabinoid system controls a number of different processes within your body and ensures that everything is functioning as it should. Some of the things that are affected by the endocannabinoid system include your sleep pattern, your appetite, and your body's ability to manage pain and inflammation.

Studies, such as one by Vuckovic et al. for the Journal of Frontiers in Pharmacology, have shown that CBD helps the endocannabinoid system to send signals to your pain receptors and in turn, reduce the level of pain felt. CBD can also help the endocannabinoid system to ensure that inflammation, a significant cause of pain, is dealt with and reduced. 

Taking a regular dose of CBD ensures that your endocannabinoid system is able to continuously send signals to your pain receptors and thus reducing chronic pain. If chronic pain is caused by inflammation, CBD improves the body's ability to reduce inflammation, preventing pain before it is even felt.

So, where can you buy CBD oil in the UK?

Top CBD Oils for Natural Pain Relief

Shopping for CBD oil can feel a little overwhelming at first. There are so many brands to choose from, all of which offer a slightly different dose or different flavors.

When looking for a best CBD oil for pain relief, it is essential to pay attention to the amount of CBD within each oil as this will determine the level of pain that it can help to relieve. The higher the amount of CBD, the more effective it will be at relieving pain.


Zamnesia is an increasingly popular brand for CBD Oil based in Amsterdam with its products derived from top-quality EU hemp plants. They provide worldwide shipping, including the UK, and have everything in stock from the best CBD products to a wide variety of cannabis seeds.


Provacan is a CBD brand known for its high-quality products and range of different strength options to choose from. Provacan CBD oils come in four different strengths, starting with a 300mg option, which is ideal for treating low-level aches and pains.

For those who are looking to treat intense chronic pain, Provacan's 2400mg CBD oil provides a potent dose of CBD, helping to tackle pain at its core.

All of Provacan's CBD oils are made using organically grown full-spectrum CBD, allowing you to take full advantage of all the cannabinoids found within hemp plants. Provacan CBD oils provide you with high quality and effective oil at affordable prices, so that you can relieve pain naturally.

Smart CBD

Smart CBD is another famous UK CBD brand that offers its customers a wide range of CBD oils made from 100% natural ingredients. Smart CBD is passionate about creating high-quality CBD oils that are made using environmentally friendly, sustainable methods.

Every element of Smart CBD has been carefully designed with sustainability in mind. From their unique smart boxes to their organically grown hemp plants, Smart CBD guarantees you a natural and healthy way to relieve pain.

Smart CBD has a range of different strength oils to choose from, ensuring that you can access the right dose of CBD to relieve even the toughest of pains.

Why not check out some of the CBD oils mentioned above and start treating pain the natural way?