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How to Use SMS Marketing and Business Chat Messaging to Improve Customer Loyalty?

How to Use SMS Marketing and Business Chat Messaging to Improve Customer Loyalty?

SMS business messaging is one great way to improve customer loyalty efficiently. 

However, SMS instant messaging for business communication is only a tool and its success depends on how well your customer service agents utilize it to engage customers rather than just sending bulk texts.

Nowadays, customers have high expectations when it comes to customer service and they expect to talk or chat with a customer service representative within 2 minutes or less. 

With SMS messaging, you can even make this experience one they look forward to especially when you add elements of 2-Way messaging into the mix.

SMS messaging allows you to reach more clients, especially those who do not use a smartphone or might be off the grid for one reason or another.

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It is also an effective tool to nurture customer relationships and more than 75% of customers do not mind being sent business texts.

Ways to uphold customer loyalty using SMS messaging

Listen to your customers

With customers four times more likely to respond to your text, you need to cultivate a relationship between you and the consumer. Loyalty is not a KPI that you just gain and then stop. It’s an ongoing process that you must consistently keep alive. When you’ve earned their loyalty, you must put in additional energy to make sure they stay loyal. When Coca-Cola saw how popular the #ShareaCoke campaign had got, they listened and took the campaign online and gave their customers a way to customize their own cans with their names and of friends.

So you’ll need to constantly listen to them in an effort to understand all of their demands and needs. 

Meet your customer’s needs

When you ask customers to share their concerns and needs with you, making it happen for them is the next logical step. Improvements and updates on their requests would go a long way in ensuring they stick to your brand. An example of this is Starbucks’ Mobile Order and Pay feature. They listened to their customers who complained about the long queues and needed a way to get their coffee without having to wait for too long.

Customers often appreciate being valued and it brings satisfaction which is key to customer loyalty. Sending them a text message that offers promotional discounts on a product or service or free shipping on an exclusive discount for their first purchase.

Keep in touch with your customers regularly

Don’t limit your conversations with your customers to just collecting feedback. The main reason behind connecting with them is to develop trust and perceive your business as being more than a good product or service. 

Avoid being generic

When building your list of subscribers, endeavor to filter them into different categories so you can make several lists based on the target group they belong in. In doing so, your loyal customers will be on an exclusive list and you’ll be able to tailor messages specific to their needs.

Advantages of using SMS messaging for business

It allows you to be personal

One of the best features of using SMS is the chance to have highly personal communication with your customers. It also allows for two-way communication, so it’s basically back and forth between you and your customers. 

You solve customer problems faster

95% of SMS messages are read within three minutes of being sent which means it is a great way to serve your customers. Phones and emails are great ways to serve customers, but they have long wait times depending on when customers contact you and how busy customer service is at the time.

SMS messaging allows your customers to reach you whenever they want and using SMS with the right marketing automation software platform, can make it easy for you to respond quickly and with the personal touch, your customers expect.

Keep your customers engaged

Keeping your customers loyal to you is more than just solving their problems. Another important aspect is keeping them engaged and informed through personalized notifications. SMS messaging is a very effective way to keep in touch with customers as it is more immediate.

Increase Customer Loyalty

By having one-to-one personal conversations via SMS message, you can build an emotional connection with your customers and drive loyalty. You can also offer incentives like free delivery to keep your customers with you for a little longer

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SMS messaging is an efficient way to get your business in front of your customers and inspire loyalty. 

There might be rules and regulations to abide by but it is the best when trying to achieve success. You can reach out to us at BSG to help you plan your SMS campaign today and get the best results.