How To Use Bitcoin at UK Online Casinos

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Cyber currency has certainly been brewing up quite a storm during the past few years and it doesn’t look as if will be abating any time soon. Even if you have yet to dip your toe in the virtual water that is cryptocurrency, there is no doubt you’ve probably read about its success as you’ve browsed the internet or interacted on social media. It’s now such a hot commodity that the UK and other jurisdictions have put in place regulations regarding the use of Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. Although there’s a ton of information available on Bitcoin and crypto cash, if you’re still trying to grasp the concept of cyber currency it’s important to get to grips with the buzz words on everyone’s lips at the moment.

So, What Exactly is Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrency, cyber currency, and virtual currency are essentially the same thing – a type of virtual cash. Although it can’t be physically held in the hand, crypto can be utilized to buy goods and services across the internet. Nowadays, there are many cryptocurrencies to choose from, but the original one was Bitcoin, or BTC, which was first created in 2009. BTC can be considered as a commodity or a bartering mechanism just like money, gold, and stocks. As long as there is a demand from the public for Bitcoin and other virtual currencies, they will have value. Some basic facts about Bitcoin include:

  • Basically, a Bitcoin is a computer file that is stored in a bitcoin wallet.
  • Bitcoin can be earned in various ways such as trading, mining, entering competitions, or selling goods from online stores.
  • The smallest unit of Bitcoin is called a Satoshi.
  • Bitcoin uses blockchain technology – a digital ledger in which all transactional data is held such as the sender, receiver, and the amount of currency being transferred.
  • Cybercurrency can be used to buy and sell goods and services and is accepted by brands such as Microsoft, Esty, and Starbucks.
  • Fiat currency refers to normal, traditional currency.

Playing online casino games is a super way of both using and earning Bitcoin and there are many great online portals packed with information on Bitcoin casino promotions, including Bitcoin-based codes. These no deposit bonus codes are free to use for players from anywhere. The online casino portals also offer comprehensive advice on successfully and safely using BTC online for fast withdrawals of your winnings.

Online Bitcoin Casinos in The UK

As well as traditional payment methods such as debit cards and e-wallets, many casinos now also accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in their banking section. However, due to current regulations, UK casinos can’t accept crypto payments as yet. But the good news is, you can still actually play at UK casinos with BTC using intermediary digital banking companies such as PayPal,, and Revolut which enable you to spend your cryptocurrency while the casino receives normal fiat cash. Furthermore, there are international Bitcoin online casinos that allow players from the UK the signup and play.

There are many advantages to playing at crypto-friendly online casinos including security and anonymity, but one of the main upsides is the generous bonuses on offer from many gaming sites. To encourage customers to use BTC, discerning gaming operators not only give you the chance to play for fun using Bitcoin but better still, they also give generous cyber currency bonuses to players who choose to fund their real money accounts using virtual cash. And remember – if you deposit via a third-party digital bank using fiat money, you still get the benefit of the many fantastic no deposit, match deposit, and free spin bonuses available.

Shopping With Bitcoin in The UK

Whether you want to visit an online casino or shop till you drop, one of the first things to do before you launch yourself into the crypto world is to open a Bitcoin wallet. When this is set up you access it via a private key similar to a password. You then can visit one of the many Bitcoin exchanges and fund your account. Before purchasing any type of cyber currency, make sure to do plenty of careful research and choose a trustworthy wallet provider and a reputable Bitcoin exchange. Once you have accumulated enough crypto you can hit the stores and start shopping. Some of the best retailers and companies which do business via BTC include:

  • Lush – if it’s beauty products you’re after, then pop into the online Lush store and swap your crypto cash for some cool cosmetics. The Lush High Street shops don’t accept digital cash.
  • Esty – although the company itself doesn’t accept cryptocurrency, many of the sellers do. Look out for the “other” payment method option in the individual Esty stores to ascertain if they are Bitcoin-friendly.
  • Whole Foods – not only has this American superstore set up shop in the UK, but it also accepts BTC as a form of payment.
  • Gift Cards – check out Gift Off, the gift card company that sells digital gift vouchers for hundreds of household names such as Amazon, Argos, Currys, John Lewis, and Spotify.
  • Travala – fancy a bit of a break after all that shopping? Then visit this online travel site which accepts Bitcoin and other virtual currencies.
  • Wikipedia – every now and then this ad-free fountain of knowledge prompts us to make a small donation in order to keep the facts a-flowing, and the site will gladly take crypto payments from their readers.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have certainly added an edge of excitement to the investment and retail world, so much so that Bitcoin millionaires have used it to purchase luxury items such as homes and cars. That said, despite all the upsides, cryptocurrencies are a volatile commodity and what goes up oftentimes comes down – so caution is advised before investing all your cash on crypto.

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