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How to Optimize Your YouTube Channel to Get the Most Views: Best Up-to-date SMM Hacks

How to Optimize Your YouTube Channel to Get the Most Views: Best Up-to-date SMM Hacks

Is it getting harder to find more views for your YouTube channel? Are you growing increasingly inclined to purchase YouTube views to better your analytics? Well, there are many ways to work the YouTube algorithms in your favor and make your Channel pop at the top in search feeds. It may not seem very easy, but you can get more people to check out your content and more enthusiastic fans to return to view your uploads. It would help if you had good overall content creation and marketing strategy high on SEO and quality output. 

Making your channel one of the most viewed may be daunting initially, but once you get the hang of it, it will be the only way you would want to run your channel. Read on. 

What Is the Connection Between YT Views, Exposure, and Channel Growth? 

YouTube is a social sharing platform for videos of all genres, lengths, and types. From kids’ shows to reruns of old classics, you can have just about anything on your channel as long as it complies with the terms and policies of the platform. Given the vast number of uploads happening on site every minute, the platform’s algorithms consider certain parameters to decide who your content should be most visible to and why. This predictive calculation takes into account, among other things: 

  • Your video description. 
  • The SEO strength of your keywords and hashtags.
  • Relational metrics include the number of active subscribers and followers you have and the number of non-follower views you receive.
  • Your upload takes time to gather engagement and at what rate.

So your social media marketing strategy needs to keep all these parameters in mind to develop an optimum all-around growth plan for your channel. Regardless of how big or new your account is, gaining social proof and brand recognition can be quickly done if you recognize the key elements that facilitate channel growth for you. 

Tips and Strategies to Gain More Views on Your YT Channel 

Try out the following SMM hacks to make your channel view-worthy. Experimenting with these proven YouTube SEO tips will boost your ranking in feeds and search results and gain brand space on the platform once your videos become the most trending ones in your category of creative content. So get started on your way to success! 

Pay attention to watching time

In the early part of the decade, a post’s total number of views was YouTube’s primary factor in determining the visibility ranks. Not anymore. The significant factor to consider along with view count now is audience retention or watch time. If you check your Analytics, you will see this metric calculated as the average amount of time viewers spend watching your videos. When your watch time goes up, your videos get featured higher on searches and in recommended lists on the Home Screen’s side tab. A jump in both these rankings can bring you more views and, thus, more brand visibility. To improve your watch time, here are a few hacks you can put to use:

  1. Organize your existing and new content into playlists. Make categories and sequence your files in an appealing order that makes viewers want to move from one video to another naturally. Many creators highlight IN and OUT timeline points for their videos to make the watching experience more enjoyable.YouTube allows for linking videos at the end of each video. Instead, you can use this space to place a link to a playlist recommendation.
  2. Ensure your titles are not clickbait. While using tantalizing titles can get more clicks, they do not retain audience attention. Once your viewer realizes that your video is not what it says it will be about, they will quickly move to other channels. If you use clickbait, you risk losing your active fans too. Keep both title and description as accurate and to the point as possible. If you use thumbnails, ensure that the thumbnail is relevant to your video.
  3. Make use of YouTube cards. You can use cards at the beginning, end, or between. YT cards are great for directing traffic in the intended directions. If you know your average audience retention sob, use cards around that period so that the viewer moves on to another video by you if they choose not to continue to watch the current video. 
  4. Use keywords suggestion: Yes, you can use keywords based on tips given by YouTube. All you have to do is type in a word in the search box and see recommendations for a list of related search words/phrases. Try to use as many of these as possible in creating your keywords so that whatever your audience types for, there is a link back to your URL in the results. 

If you want your videos to feature higher up in rankings, you must aim to optimize your content for longer watch times in as many ways possible. Apart from using quality graphics and footage and following the hacks mentioned above, you can also ensure that your video has the following:

  • A suspense or surprise that is anticipated but not revealed until the very end.
  • A CTA that asks the viewer to continue watching. For a giveaway or an unexpected announcement?
  • Added subtitles or transcripts for those who cannot view it with the audio running to make it more accessible to the differently abled. 

Think out of the box and think about what will make your audience want to stay ideally through the entirety of your video. 

Work with influencers

Influencers and online celebrities have a quick audience turnout and can get more engagement in less time. It makes sense to set some budget aside for the use of influencer marketing for your channel. While mega-celebrities have huge fan counts, their audience pool is often too wide, and their prices are too high for businesses starting to spread their reach. Aim for medium-range influencers whose follower counts are on the lower side but whose engagement rates are usually high. You will find their audiences joining in to see your video, and if they like what they know, they may linger around and explore other content you have up on your channel. Currently, employing influencer marketing is one of the best ways of maximizing your budget investment. To ensure you get the most out of what you put in:

  • Look for influencers in your niche.
  • Check for content creators and trendsetters who run sponsored content. 
  • Be open to negotiations and incoming pitches for video creation.
  • Review sample works regarding audience outreach, watch time, audience retention, and engagement before deciding to work with anyone.
  • Have a clear disclosure of terms and conditions in writing before proceeding with the collaboration. It should address aspects like the mode of payment, times payments are released, hidden costs, gratuities, and so on.
  • Ensure that the content you create follows both YouTube and FTC guidelines. 
youtube camera video 8zsBofKrhP8 unsplash - How to Optimize Your YouTube Channel to Get the Most Views: Best Up-to-date SMM Hacks

Collaborate with content creators who are already recognized in your niche

Like influencers, niche gurus are another pool of content creators with loyal and active fanbases on the platform. If you collaborate with them, you are sure to get more views because the presence of the expert means:

  1. Your content will likely have some helpful information or takeaway for the viewer.
  2. You are considered to have a good enough grounding in your niche for the collaboration to have taken place.
  3. If the guru believes in you, you are honest and have integrity, even if you are a newbie. Your target audience will come to your content expecting the same from your posts. 

Make use of such collaborative ventures to present:

  • Product reviews.
  • Interviews on set themes.
  • How-tos and tutorials.

You are here not just to raise views. The perfect digital marketing for your business will also consider how best to create personalized and humane brand awareness for your company and simultaneously earn YouTube fans, subscribers, and clients. The increase in views should simultaneously bring in more networking and business returns for your channel. 

Join in trend

A quick and easy way to bump up your algorithms is to put up posts using trending topics, challenges, music, and actions while maintaining your other usual posts. Trends are already algorithm optimized to show high up in feeds, so popular filters, backdrops, and sound mixes can also help you get more views quickly. When you join in the trend, you can:

  1. Mimic the work already up online by another creator. Whether you do it in imitation or parody, acknowledge the original you are copying in this regard. A great way to do it without falling into copyright loopholes is to show footage of the person you are copying and make a mention of their channel/to tag their original video alongside. It will bring you views and direct traffic to other creators’ posts, thus making it a win-win for both accounts. 
  2. Use the trend with a signature of your own thrown in. You could use a variation in the background, in the wardrobe used, props available, or you could integrate the trend into a story or theme of your choice. Again, giving due credit to those who have issued the challenge or published something viral before can help you gain more views and help enlarge your audience base faster. 

When unsure, always approach the content creators with a message requesting permission to use or rework their content. Keep it professional and be open to rejection of offers. Broaden your professional niche through such networking, and other industry members will pop in to check your content. Some of the popular trends in the session include:

  • Creating YouTube Shorts.
  • Going live on the platform.
  • Shopping live and selling via the platform.
  • Creating relevant community content like DIY hacks or gaming solutions.
  • Music or visuals that allow the audience to stress-relieve and relax.
  • Use SuperChats.

If you are unsure what is currently trending, check the “popular on YouTube” page or your “YouTube trending” dashboard. On average, these pages refresh every fifteen minutes, and you can find the most relevant and localized results here. 

Get your keywords in place

To get your videos to rank higher on YouTube feeds, you must ensure that your video delivers what is searched for. How will YouTube know your content subject? From the title you have given your upload and from the video description. Ace the YouTube SEO game by using terms and phrases that are most likely to be used by your target audience in their search quests. Here are some places you should remember to use primary and secondary keywords:

  1. In the naming of your video file before it is uploaded to YT. 
  2. In the title and subtitle you give to your post.
  3. First few words of your video description. 
  4. Hashtags you use with the video.
  5. The category you decide to upload it to. To choose a category, go to your advanced settings.

Use customized thumbnails

If you have a verified YouTube account, you can customize your thumbnails with as much freedom as you wish. When you choose a thumbnail for your file, put yourself in the audience’s shoes and think of what you would feel inclined to click on. A thumbnail must be visually appealing and able to arouse curiosity about the content in your post. For some creators, using a thumbnail highlighting a short phrase that uses a keyword or a social proof signal ( like the number of followers you currently have) works best. For others using something that highlights the company logo or ethos may be a better choice. 

In Short

Experiment and experience what different tips and tools do for your marketing. Not everything suits everyone. Moreover, you may get different results with two various posts. Remember that SEO tips and strategies are an add-on to enhance your post’s visibility and popularity. They are no substitute for publishing quality content. Give your viewers something they can relate to, find relevant, and make them want to come back to your channel for more. You will have won half your battle in becoming a successful YouTube content creator.