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How to make extra income online

How to make extra income online

If there’s something these last three years have proven is that we can work from home, without a doubt. What seemed like a novelty ten years ago, has grown to a point where almost 7% of workers are working from home or in a flexible working environment.

This was possible due to the increase in internet bandwidth, the expansion of the network to remote places and the lower price of laptops and portable devices.

But the possibilities do not end there. They have actually expanded, and we can use technology to create extra or even passive income.

In this article we will discuss some options you have to create passive income with devices you already have at home, and with just a bit tiny of talent (not always required).

Write short stories or instructional books

Writing seems like a novelty, but it is actually something that anyone who has a story to tell can do. The difficult part was to get it published, but not anymore.

If you have talent for story telling or poetry you can definitely go in that direction and put your talent to work with just your laptop and any text editor tool.

Social networks

For this you don’t necessarily need talent, but you must have something to offer to the public. Pose yourself as influencer, make tutorials, discuss topics of interest, etc.

Everyone has phones with good cameras nowadays and that’s the starting point.

There are very affordable phones such as the Infinix NOTE 12 VIP that has a great camera and a lot of power for less money.

The platforms are well known. You can post your stuff on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

If your content is appealing to certain crowd you’ll have, once again, a passive income waiting for you monthly. It is a bit demanding though, since sometimes it is considered a full time job once you build a fan base. But with mild popularity, your videos may be adding up views and cents for you to pick up at the end of the month.

Play online

Here’s another interesting one, and there are many approaches to this field.

E-sports are gaining popularity. Competitions are surpassing in prizes each year. Becoming a pro-gamer is more accessible than ever before. Consoles are fairly cheap, and you can start a career as a professional player with little money. Combine your gaming skills with the social network possibilities discussed earlier and you won’t pass unnoticed.

However, if you one of those who are not so familiarized with the eSports and you just want to enjoy other kind of games, you can also go in a different direction. Classic games such as the online casino games and slots are other entertainment way to win some extra money. You don’t really need a big investment if you don’t feel like it. Just pick a $1 deposit casino, to pay with your credit/debit card or ewallet, and you’ll have access to many games to play at the same time that you can claim a big bonus by a deposit like that: free spins, welcome bonuses, among others.

With such a small investment you can experience what online casino gambling is all about.


Music is another option. If you are a musical talent, then again, there are many options for you.

You can share your music online on social networks such as YouTube or even SoundCloud, which will host your music for free.

Also, you can create sample packs or presents and sell them online for cheap. This combined with sharing generic music for presentations and commercial use may give you a consistent income for you to spend on upgrading your gear or investing in music creation tools.


As you can see, there are many ways to create passive income with things you may be doing just as hobbies, but if you are wise and share them in the right place you may be creating an income that you are not expecting.

You don’t need to be a Best Seller writer or a Grammy award winning artist to share your creations. A small cooking booklet with your grandma’s recipes is as valuable and a novel written by Stephen King.

The tools are accessible to all of us now. Intermediaries such as publishers or record labels are not needed anymore to put your stuff on the internet.

Your fans are waiting for your next big creating, what are you waiting for delivering?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.