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How to get better at Apex Legends: Tips & tricks

How to get better at Apex Legends: Tips & tricks

Apex Legends has undoubtedly carved out a place for itself in a category already overcrowded and dominated by legacy games. Apex Legends is a viral battle royale game, going strength to strength with each update and showing no sign of slowing down. Unlike other games, Apex Legends is squad centric, with teams fighting each out until only one is left standing. So, as you might have guessed or probably have already experienced, the going can be pretty tough for beginner players. But don't worry, as the following are some of the best Apex Legends hacks and tips that can surely help you out.

#1. Getting a good landing is the key

How you drop in Apex Legends can easily be the difference-maker in Apex Legends. Sounds far-fetched? Hear us out for a second. You are playing as a part team in a round of 60 players. What is the first thing you need to get your hands on? Loot items that are lying around on the map, right? And that is precisely why you need to have a strong landing in place. An excellent landing strategy would allow you and your teammate to cover the most area and get valuable loots without risking their lives and then rendezvous at one point.

#2. Be aggressive

Apex Legends is a particularly fast-paced game with little room for respite during the round. You can sit the next round out if you want a breather, as you will not get any during the game. Being aggressive has proven to be the way to go in Apex Legends. Even if you are a cautious player that likes to plan and strategize every move, it will help you if you are a bit more aggressive in your gameplay. Practice closing the gap between you and the opponent during mid-battle rather than staying pinned down.

#3. You are not down until you are out

It would be far better not to give in till the end of the game. Even if you are fatally wounded, you can do more than just quit the game. You can score a good hit and maintain a presence in the game, allowing your team to recover. Try to break the enemy's shield as it could prove to be fruitful in the game's long run. Remember, it is a team game, and you are not actually lost until your whole team is knocked out. So, do your best to support your team, regardless of your situation.

#4. No point in wasting time during looting

The quicker you are with your loot, the higher the chances of success would be for your team. And do not stay still during the process, as it is the perfect opportunity for enemies to strike at your position. Get in there and take an initial scan of the death box. Have some faith in your scan as there are more often correct. Just pick the item you want and get back to your position immediately.

#5. Be extremely careful while flanking

Flanking your enemy's positions is an excellent way for you and your teammates to trap the enemy at their position. But it is a double-edged sword that can quickly turn against you. That is why you need to be extra careful when opting for a flanking maneuver. Keep enough distance and cover during the maneuver so that the enemy cannot pounce on you, especially when your teammates are not in your line of sight. Although, you should make sure that you do not lose the line of sight of your allies during any part of the flanking.

#6. Get a good position

While Apex Legends is a game about skill and how players can cope with the fast-paced environment of the game, positional play can be beneficial for one looking to score a victory. Having a good position during the battle significantly improves your chances of success, regardless of the weapon your opponent might have. Look for a point when you would have an advantageous position over your enemy and where you can easily fall back and heal if you are hit. Reach out to your teammates and ask them what the best position for you on the map would be and try to get control of that area.

If you are wondering how to get better at Apex Legends, then make sure to include all the tips and tricks mentioned above in your gaming strategies.