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Technology has become a nearly unalienable part of human life in every corner of the Earth. It’s everywhere, from the ATMs that distribute cash and computers we work on to food processing machines, fridges, and cell phones that we use every day. Yet, all of this technology cannot be manufactured in every country of the world for its people to use. Various limitations, from lack of appropriate space to lack of financing a production facility construction, may arise. Hence, some pieces of tech have to be adapted to the specific regions, as some of their features may be vital for the convenience of use and user experience overall. Yet, what is the adaptation of technology, why it should be done exactly, and how can it be done most efficiently?

The Whats, the Whys, and the Hows of Technology Adaptation

People are different, it’s not a secret at all, especially to those who are doing business. Satisfying consumers’ needs is quite a challenge to take and more than often, the entrepreneurs have to adjust their product for customers. In the case of technology, adapting the product to an international market means adjusting it to the technological needs of the consumers. The catch here is that some of those needs are known beforehand and relate to the standards of your target country. So, you’ll have a great start before you actually go. Yet, what are those adaptations and how can they be done exactly?

  • Make your research. Like with many other product categories, studying your target country and audience is also applicable to technology. One of the noteworthy things to research is the country’s standards regarding technology. This may cover quite a lot of aspects, from the power plug type needed to such software localization elements as pop culture references or location tracking.
  • Produce your technology in your target country or the country that at least has similar tech standards. This might save you a great deal of money and time, especially if your production country can be characterized by a relatively cheap labor force.
  • Localize, do not just translate. If your technology uses software that the user can interact with, make sure to localize it so that your consumers would understand you completely. There’s nothing too special about it, localization is a normal thing and all top language translations services do it. In case, however, there’s no such software, there will always be an instruction manual. Don’t forget about it as well.
  • Make use of the modern methods of tech production. Such methods as agile have been a great success in software development, so why not use it in producing all technology? Agile implies making use of not one but a few production lines that work simultaneously on different aspects of your product. So, whenever there are any sudden unexpected changes, you will not have to disassemble everything and just make the changes where needed. When all your teams finish their tasks, you just put them together with all changes done.

So, nothing too big and scary about adapting technology to the international market. Yet, the things listed above are quite considerable and should never be overlooked. Yet, you might ask yourself, why bother? Why should these factors be considered so highly? Well, to be prompt, you have to bother so that your customers wouldn’t need to and, as a result, buy your tech more eagerly.

More specifically, whenever you adapt any product to your target market in any way, you bring it closer to the consumer by making it closer and more familiar to him or her. For instance, you adjust the power plug of your device to your target country’s standards. Now, your potential won’t have to buy an adapter, because you have already taken care of this aspect. Or, maybe, you have properly translated the user manual for your tech piece, thus, earning the trust of your target audience and, as a result, increasing your sales. While the first aspect is standardized and requires only some basic internet search, the second one might require professional document translation services at PickWriters. In any case, adapting technology, like adapting nearly any other product, it’s essentially a win-win situation.

Conclusion: Adapting Your Tech Properly

So, localizing the piece of technology you have to offer to your target country is not just a good, but also a must, especially if you target a country that has a totally different culture from yours or if you offer a very specific technology. To properly adjust your tech product to the needs of audiences, you have to consider what it’s like to buy a new piece of technology. You have to get along with it, study it well, and then use it correctly. In order to make sure your customer bothers as little as possible during this process, you should properly localize your technology by translating all its documentation and supporting software as well adjust all physical properties. Having your product presented in your target audience’s native language very likely ensures this product’s success.


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