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How Technology Can Enhance Your Business Security

How Technology Can Enhance Your Business Security

From automation to marketing, technology is used in virtually every area of a business these days. This also includes your security. After all, there’s a large amount of ways attackers can hurt your business, and you need to be prepared for any situation.

While at one point a company would only have to worry about local attacks being an issue, that time has long gone. Now the main threat is presented by cybercrime. The threat of malware and cyberattacks continues to grow in prevalence – based on 2018 statistics, business cybercrime had grown by 63%.

With so many threats setting their sights on your data and money, there are, thankfully, various methods to keep your company safe. It might be against you in terms of malicious online activities, but technology is also there to provide a shield against attacks.

For proof, this article will explore a small sample of ways technology can enhance your business security.

Training your employees

It’s sad to say, but your employees are a liability. Your organisation could boast the best technology and anti-virus software on the market. One simple slip-up by a staff member – whether it’s clicking on a dodgy URL link or leaving sensitive data on their desk – can bypass your security efforts.

Due to this, training your employees is imperative. Thankfully, you can benefit from technology in that regard. When doing security awareness training, there is software available that allows you to simulate cybersecurity scenarios, analyse the results of your employees, and more.

Jumping on the cloud

There are a number of security-related benefits for taking your business onto the cloud.

One of the main benefits is reputable cloud providers will continually keep their system and software updated. Why is this so important? Well, software left unpatched is a goldmine for malicious attackers who will utilise the exploits left behind.

As your business data is stored in a different location with added security measures – like automatic backups and round-the-clock surveillance – it is also better protected from a physical point of view.

Utilise automation

For many businesses, automation already has an integral role to play in their day-to-day operations. Whether it’s keeping their finances in order or tackling those monotonous tasks, automation can help a company save an extensive amount of time and resources.

That said, automation is not usually looked at when it comes to security. That will soon change. Not only does it eliminate the threat of human error, cybersecurity automation can collect data in a faster and efficient manner. That’s only the start of the advantages, and there are several ways to implement cybersecurity automation within your business.

Monitoring physical activity

While cyberattacks, understandably, receive a primary focus these days, it is imperative your business never overlooks the possibility of offline attacks. Even if you use the cloud, your physical business premises could still store data or possessions that attacker’s desire.

Consequently, technology in the form of access control systems, modern CCTV systems, and monitored alarms should be used.