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The increase in digitalization and the online market has also prompted businesses to hire IT companies and developers that will help them adapt to modern requirements. IT companies offer offshoring software development solutions or hiring dedicated developers. PNN Tech is no exception, we pay attention to customers, users, and consumers needs.  The company’s IT infrastructure is analysed for a more precise representation of the information systems integration and selection of an architecture option. An offshore method of cooperation with an IT company is an effective way to create a custom software solution.

Offshore software development — a reliable solution for today

Offshoring usually refers to setting up a development centre in another, distant country and hiring developers there. This method of collaboration is very popular, is saves funds, adaptive for technical issues and agile for changes. Offshore software development services can be used to modernize business. Our services cover management, support, and upgrading of digital products issues. This approach to cooperation has almost no restrictions on implementation. IT company can provide any available IT services. The IT firm should consider the features of your business, the problems you face, and integrate that knowledge into the creation of an effective programming product.

Reliable offshore development centre

PNN Tech has released comprehensive IT solutions for customers from Germany, Israel, the USA, Europe, and Asia. Our experience on the market exceeds 20 years. We have repeatedly cooperated with foreign companies, for which we provide with programming services. If you want the developers to see a wider picture of your project, neither a small nor medium IT agency will satisfy your request. To create a programming project, you need to cooperate with a large, multidisciplinary team of professionals. Indeed, expertise and proven experience are key to implementing best practices. 

Many IT companies, including PNN Tech, which specializes in offshore cooperation, organize teams that form the centre of your IT product. The number of employees required to complete the project depends on the complexity of the IT project. The team might includes:

  • Client manager
  • Business analytics
  • Project manager
  • Developers (seniors, middles, juniors)
  • QA and Testers
  • Release manager
  • Designers
  • Marketing team

Hence, offshore development is access to a huge number of talents at the best price. PNN Tech is a company that employs employees from Europe and Asia. In this way, we improve our solutions and combine different approaches in programming, with the most adaptive and reliable digital design. PNN Tech has experience in international IT projects development for other customers, it understands related issues.

Custom software development allows you to focus more on your core business strategy, instead of worrying about managing a complex and time-consuming software building process. This allows your enterprise to focus on the main methods of work without the additional stress associated with the launch and management of the programming product. 

PNN Tech is a software development firm that offers integration solutions

Good interaction, as well as the correct clarification of your needs, ensure coherence and productive cooperation. Therefore, it is worth considering conducting business analytics to identify current needs, prepare requirements for the task and maintain appropriate documentation.
PNN Tech analyses the available solutions using the optimal platform for task integration, having previously agreed all questions with the customer. We carry out the technical design, build project’s architecture and implement complex solutions based on modern industrial software platforms, for instance IBM, Oracle, Red Hat — leading manufacturers.
QA specialists perform complex functional and load testing. Our goal is to create a product that is intuitive to the end user and business efficiency.
The service like offshore cooperation in the creation of an IT product implies the rapid deployment of functional prototypes of complex solutions.

Solutions provided by IT developer PNN Tech for enterprises

PNN Tech implements solutions aimed at developing offshore IT products in various industries.

The service for offshore cooperation in the creation of an IT product implies the rapid deployment of functional prototypes of complex solutions.    

Automation of production and management processes. We implement projects aimed at reducing risks and costs. Digital solutions enable faster response to external and internal changes.   

PNN Tech develops augmented reality, machine learning, and AI solutions. PNN Tech offers complex solutions and large-scale projects, considering the special requirements in the sphere and the end-user’s needs.  

You can always clarify the information and contact the IT company for offshore software development — To achieve this, leave an application on the company website, describing your requirements and scope of activities.

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