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After the government started deregulating energy providers in the UK, customers started receiving cheap deals on the market. As a result, energy consumers have benefited immensely from many cheap deals and favourable terms. The large number of independent providers has, however, come with some challenges. This is because it is now very hard for consumers to independently identify the power provider with the best terms. Luckily, energy comparison services such as have come to bridge the gap. The service enables you to compare energy packages from different providers so that you can get the best deal. Without them, it would be very costly and time consuming for independent customers to find the most suitable energy deals on the market. 

As we stated above, the consumer is the biggest beneficiary of the competition in the energy market. However, they bear the burden of identifying a deal that works best for their budget as well as power needs. In addition to facing challenges in with the complex energy deals on the market, consumers still need to contend with the misinformation on the market. There are many false claims and advertisements on the energy market that lure users into bad deals. Therefore, you not only need to have thorough information on energy suppliers, but also the right tools to find a good power deal. 

Most cheap energy deals offer huge discounts for dual fuel packages. This means that those who get their electricity and gas from the same supplier stand to benefit most from these deals. In addition, Consumers get to enjoy a smooth billing and payment processes because they are dealing with the same provider. The good thing is that most energy suppliers have dual energy deals for their consumers. Also, most of these providers have come up with internet tariffs that allow people to make payments online. This makes the process more convenient when compared to conventional paper bills that sometimes take ages to reach the consumer. 

The other point that you need to have when switching power provider is finding the correct time for the switch. If one provider lowers their prices, the same is done by others. Therefore, the right time to look for a cheap electricity deal is after all the providers have revised their prices. Also, you should consider switching your power during winter as there is high demand for power at those times. The high demand causes electricity providers to come up with affordable deals as they attract new customers. The good thing is that you can use the tools on comparison sites to compare different energy deals from different providers. Also, you can benefit from cashback deals and vouchers from the sites that enable you to make an even bigger saving. 


Finding an energy deal that meets your needs is not as complex as it looks. By paying attention to the relevant factors, buyers are able to get the best deals on the market. The idea is to get a better value than your current contract.

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