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Gaming Tips: Should You Play on a Mobile Device?

Gaming Tips: Should You Play on a Mobile Device?

One of the primary choices today's gamers have to make relates to hardware. Do they prefer to play on a console like an Xbox or PlayStation, on a PC, on a handheld device like a Nintendo Switch, or straight from their mobile device? Some might also prefer browser gaming or even mobile titles on their iPad. 

Most gamers form their preferences early on in their gaming career. This means that they’re more likely to stick with the format that they started playing on, whether a keyboard and mouse or via a controller. Shifting away might mean having to relearn a new set of commands—which can be problematic for gamers who rely on muscle memory.

Still, recent advances made in mobile gaming have led many to start or restart their gaming lives straight from a smartphone. But is it the right option for you? If you’re not sure, follow these five steps to learn more.

Step One: Optimize for Game Type

Always think about the types of games you play before switching to a new platform. Not all games are optimized for mobile. After all, many top developers like Activision or Microsoft stick to PC or console games, then later release a mobile game as a counterpart. Those developed later on might not have the same feel as the original, which can affect the gameplay experience. 

But for many titles, a smartphone will get the job done. Online poker players, for example, will find that the mobile app experience is quite similar to playing a table game on a browser. They can even select different variations, like Texas Hold’em. New players who are still learning the ropes might also prefer to play on their phones so they can keep a guide on Texas Hold 'em rules nearby for quick reference.

Step Two: Consider Your Gaming Habits

Even if a certain game runs well on a mobile device, you should still consider your gaming lifestyle. A gaming lifestyle covers when and how you prefer to game, along with where. Many gamers have a special routine around gaming. Maybe it functions as a reward after a long work day or a way to take a quick midday break. 

Regardless of what your gaming habits look like, make sure that switching to a mobile phone won’t throw off your routine. This is also true for in-game habits. For example, a MOBA game might have a certain chat function that doesn’t work on mobile, which could present a problem for those thinking of making the switch.

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Step Three: Consider a Gaming-First Handheld

Not all mobile games have to be played on a tiny smartphone. If you want to move away from a PC or console, then look into your options beforehand. Today, Google’s Android provides the most robust list of smartphones developed specifically for gaming. The most popular gaming phones come from Xiaomi and ASUS, as these offer superior processing, graphics, and controls. Whether playing Texas Hold’em, as mentioned above, or a MOBA like PUBG Mobile, these smartphones will go the distance. 

Smartphones aside, consider gaming from a tablet or even a Nintendo Switch. The Switch is particularly revolutionary, as it also functions as a mini-console that can be connected to a TV. However, keep in mind that Nintendo Switch games must be purchased separately, as it’s a dual console that’s different from both traditional consoles and smartphones.

Step Four: Crafting a Mobile-First Setup

Above, we recommended every gamer consider their gaming lifestyle before switching up their routine. Another element of this routine is the physical area where a gamer does their thing, which is often static because consoles and PCs are difficult to move. 

If you’re going to opt for mobile gaming, then consider where you’re going to sit, how you will hold your phone, and whether you’ll need a charging station nearby. Just like with consoles or PCs, mobile gaming can create strain on the neck and back. Craft an ergonomic setup accordingly.