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Fixing a Broken Camera on Your iPhone XS MAX

Fixing a Broken Camera on Your iPhone XS MAX

The thing with Apple’s smartphones is that they become instant hot sellers. This is largely thanks to the cult following that Apple has managed to create over the years. Also, Apple’s products are pretty great to use. The iPhone XS MAX came out in 2018 and it saw plenty of success. The phone had a number of new features and it had a really elegant form factor. Apple took plenty of daring steps with their X lineup. And while many of these steps were great, there were a few things about the X lineup that disappointed people.

The iPhone X models are one of the most difficult phones to repair. Apple really threw repairability in the trash for the sake of aesthetics. The X series has a glass back that is literally fused with the rest of the phone. This makes opening this phone really tough. Another issue with this phone was its rear camera. The camera noticeably extends from the phone’s body. This makes the camera vulnerable to damage. Despite Apple’s claims of their rear camera’s glass being exceptionally tough, it can get damaged. In some cases, excessive damage to your phone’s rear camera can leave it completely inoperable.

Fortunately, damaging your iPhone XS MAX does not mean that it is wasted. If you have access to professional repair labs (such as breakfixnow) you can save your phone. Your XS MAX may be a tough cookie to open, but it isn’t impossible to disassemble. People with the right tools and experience can work on these phones. Today, we’re going to go through the process of replacing your phone’s camera. We will not recommend that you try this repair job at home. But this does not mean that you should not familiarize yourself with the process. Knowing what someone is going to do with your phone can make it slightly easier to hand over your phone for repairs.

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Repairing a Broken Repair Camera on Your iPhone XS MAX

The XS MAX’s rear camera consists of two units. The multi camera trend has really taken off after 2018 and for good reason. Most phones nowadays have more than one camera on the back. This increases their image capturing ability by quite a bit. The XS MAX has a telephoto camera and a wide-angle camera. The camera module in the XS MAX and X are both the same. This means you can use the same parts for both devices. Now, both cameras are housed in one unit. Meaning that you have to replace both cameras in a repair job. But before you get to the camera unit, you need to open your phone first.

Normally, you open a smartphone by opening its back panel. However, the X series needs to be opened from the front since its back panel is really delicate. In order to disassemble this phone, you need to remove its display. The X series’ screen is held in place with adhesive and waterproof seals. You must get rid of the adhesive and the waterproof seals for disassembly.

Removing a phone’s display is a delicate process. You need to make sure that you don’t end up damaging the screen in the process. Also, while removing the screen, there’s always a chance of damaging your phone’s connections.

Removing The Display

In order to remove the screen, you must first remove the two screws located on both sides of the charging port. Then, heat up the adhesive holding the screen in place. Keep in mind that once you have opened your phone, it will no longer remain waterproof. Use a heat gun or a hair dryer to gradually heat up your device’s screen edges. Take care to not expose your screen to too much heat, otherwise it could become damaged.

Once the adhesive has been softened, you can begin removing the screen with a thin tool. This is the hardest part since even the slightest slip of your hand could damage your phone. Once you’ve removed the screen from the device, you can disconnect its cables and set it aside.

You can now access the camera unit of your phone after removing more screws holding the motherboard in place. The camera module itself is very easy to replace. All you have to do is find the two ribbon cables connecting the camera unit to the phone. Disconnect the cables and remove the camera unit. Now replace it with the new module and begin reassembling your phone.

This repair sounds a lot easier than it actually is. There are a ton of screws that you have to remove in order to get to the camera unit. This is why it is advised that you take your phone to a proper technician for the job.