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Five phone settings that you can optimise for games

Five phone settings that you can optimise for games

You do not need to have the most expensive smartphone to play games. Sometimes changing a few settings is all you need for an optimal gaming experience. Even a regular pocket-friendly device can offer you a pretty decent gaming experience. This article will reveal tips on optimising a few settings on your Android or iPhone to make games run smoother, reduce heating and improve overall performance.

  1. Faster internet connection

The speed of your internet connection plays a huge role in your device's ability to play online games smoothly. A slow internet connection results in slow data transfers while gaming. So, opting for a faster internet connection like Wi-Fi or a mobile network with access to 5G while playing your games can guarantee you a smooth and lag-free gaming experience. You can improve your internet connection by searching for ‘Network and Internet' or ‘Mobile Network' in your settings.

  1. Silence notification

The ‘Do Not Disturb' setting may seem like a trivial functionality, but it differentiates your gaming experience more than you think. Imagine you are engrossed in the virtual gaming arena on a particularly challenging level, only to be distracted by unwanted notifications. When playing online slots like Down The Rails which features a compelling soundtrack, the last thing you'd want is to have the music interrupted. Of course, you may need important calls to come through. Fortunately, you can apply exceptions when activating this setting.

  1. Free up space

The lack of free storage space on your phone makes it lag. Your phone is often packed with junk files or unused apps that slow down its functionality, thereby ruining your gaming experience. Freeing up space is highly recommended to reduce ping time and latency. Whether you're an android or iPhone user, all you have to do is go to ‘Settings' and click on the ‘Storage' tab. Here you'll see a breakdown of files that are taking up space, and you can proceed to get rid of unwanted items.

  1. Boost battery life

A great gaming experience requires speed which often depletes battery life rapidly. Luckily, most phones are built with settings to conserve battery life. For Android, go to ‘Settings,' select the ‘Battery' tab, and access battery saver mode. For iOS, go to ‘Settings,' select ‘Battery,' and switch on the low power mode. This will restrict background activity and provide you with extra time between charges. Battery care is also one of the ways to extend the lifespan of your smartphone.

  1. Update your smartphone

Software updates ensure you are provided with better system resources. Updating your smartphone's software usually fixes bugs and speeds up performance, positively affecting your gameplay. You can check for updates on your Android or iPhone by searching for software updates in your settings app.


Whether you're an ardent mobile gamer or not, it's a good idea to maximize your phone's settings. If your smartphone is your main gaming device, all the more reason for you to apply the tips provided above. You no longer have to worry about your phone lagging, overheating, or blacking out while gaming. With a few swipes, you can activate these settings and gain access to a more satisfactory gaming experience.