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Features We Want To See In Android 14

Features We Want To See In Android 14

We’re heading towards the end of Android 13, so naturally, people are already talking about what is set to be the next big thing: Android 14. With every update to Android, there have been significant improvements, and now users are drawing up a list of demands based on the features they want to see when Android 14 drops.

Wi-Fi And Mobile Data Toggles

Toggling between Wi-Fi and mobile data is something millions of Android users do multiple times daily. But Android moved away from having separate toggles to having one overall toggle, which certainly caused a lot of confusion and hassle for users. This can be an issue for all gamers from someone playing Raid: Shadow Legends to spinning the reeIs at Gala Spins. If you need to make a switch quickly, but things don’t go to plan; you’re going to have a problem. So, in Android 14, one of the most important features will be bringing back separate toggles for both Wi-Fi and mobile data.

Custom Icons

Customisation is a huge part of what makes a smartphone experience so enjoyable because users have a device in their hand that they can make their own. Back in Android 11, there was the option to customise icons, but then it was removed partially in Android 12 and more so in Android 13. But naturally, people want to be able to put their own touch on how the icons on the screen look, often ensuring they all match in design. Bringing the option to do so back in Android 14 makes a ton of sense as it will see users in full control visually of their devices.

Third-Party Launchers

Third-party launchers have always been popular where Android devices are concerned, but you have to go back to Android 10 to find when they last worked to great effect. And what we mean by this is that the pre-installed launchers have all the permissions required to run smoothly and efficiently, whereas third-party launchers don’t, which leads to things not working as they should. Again, it ties into the customisation thing because users should have the choice to run their phones how they want to. So, in Android 14, third-party launchers must be allowed to operate at 100% rather than 90%.

Lock Screen Widgets

The final feature that should be included in Android 14 is the reintroduction of lock screen widgets. You could say they haven't strictly gone anywhere because they haven't. However, they have always been seen as a bit gimmicky rather than useful. And this would be fine, but recently Apple have decided to reinvent their use of lock screen widgets, and if Android doesn't follow suit, they will undoubtedly be left behind by their fierce rivals. So, it makes a lot of sense that Android are looking at how Apple approaches lock screen widgets and then aims to at least do something that makes them useful to users from Android 14 onwards.