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Examples of Product Design in Technology

Examples of Product Design in Technology

Product design within technology is the integration of creativity and practicality and is the focal point that bridges the gap between product design and product engineering. The technological product design industry creates many of the consumer products that a large portion of people enjoy using on a daily basis, both residentially and commercially. Today we can see the combination of new emerging technologies meeting innovative new resources and approaches, enhancing the possibilities brought on by the introduction of new and exciting technological capabilities. From motion sensors to artificial intelligence, 3D printing to virtual reality, technological advancements are pathing the way for new and compelling opportunities across product design in technology.

iRobot Scooba 230 Floor Washer

iRobot Scooba 230 - Examples of Product Design in Technology

The iRobot Scooba 230 Floor Washer is an innovative piece of technological design that is both as creative as it is practical. The Scooba 230 is much like the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner which revolutionised the housecleaning industry as the first robotic vacuum cleaner which cleans independently without requiring manual control. The Scooba 230 is much like its predecessor, with the intended purpose of cleaning and washing floors.

After sweeping the surface, the Scooba 230 does the rest of the hard work, cleaning tiled, linoleum and sealed hardwood floors, by undergoing a cleaning method that consists of three stages – washing, scrubbing then vacuuming up the excess dirty water –  removing up to 97% of household bacteria. The built-in brushes loosen stains, grime and dirt and have an advanced water management system, which uses an innovative reservoir design ensuring the dirty water and the cleaning solution are organised separately within the device while still maintaining a compact size. The size of the Scooba 230 maintains a diameter of 16.5cm and measures 9.2cm high, weighing at just 1.92kg. Despite its small size, the Scooba 230 offers an abundance of innovative technology including the iAdapt responsive cleaning system, covering a variety of areas a number of times. Cliff detection sensors help the iRobot to avoid stairs or falling off of other heights as well as the virtual wall technology that permits the cleaning device to be limited to specific areas or rooms.

LG Styler Clothes Steamer

The most innovative devices in product design often see an everyday issue tackled or an advancement of an existing product for a more efficient solution. For many people, washing clothes at home feels like a tedious and never-ending chore. This is why LG has created an innovative design of a clothes steamer for homes. It is a compact-sized machine that steams, shakes and dries clothes that simply require a quick freshen up.

LG first introduced the revolutionary device in Korea in 2011 and it has proved popular enough that they are considering its launch in other areas across the globe. The intention behind this iconic piece of technological product design is not to replace alternate methods of cleaning clothes, but more specifically its purpose is to complement standard cleaning procedures, removing wrinkles and reducing foul odours as opposed to cleaning stains and harsh marks. Because of these factors, LG has targeted the innovative device at wealthy business professionals predominantly – those with a fast-paced lifestyle, required to look smart and fresh at all hours of the day, and generally on the move with short turnarounds. It’s most likely that you would find the devices in lush hotels, casinos, airports and corporate accommodation, where people have the time, money and requirements to freshen clothes quickly and efficiently.

How Does it Work?

The Styler clothes steamer consists of a steam generator that fills the chamber with water vapour, sanitising each garment whilst removing 99.9% of bacteria and microorganisms attributed to foul odours. For thorough cleaning of tough smells, for example, tobacco smoke, the product allows for a compartment for aroma sheets, which alleviates bad odours and leaves them smelling of a scented aroma of your choosing.

Once the steaming process has ended, the device uses a heat pump in order to raise the temperature within the chamber to around 50 degrees Celsius, drawing moisture from the clothes.

In order to thoroughly remove wrinkles within the garments, LG has implemented a hanger for clothing that shakes items such as suits and dresses at an immense 220 times per minute, gradually and efficiently removing any pesky wrinkles.

The cleaning device offers hangers for hanging up to 5 garments, with additional racks for blankets, jumpers and other delicates plus hooks for hats or caps. The machine includes a portable water container that sits toward the base of the unit. Once filled, the user is able to interact with the futuristic LCD touchscreen panel located on the front, displaying a large variety of settings and options for washing cycles. The default setting runs for just 39 minutes, enhancing the usual wait time for washing clothes in machines and dryers, and boasts a noise level cap of around 40 decibels, far quieter than any standard washing machine.

The machine is designed to be used without the need for chemicals, such as is often found with dry cleaning methods, removing the worry of any harsh detergents ruining any delicate or expensive clothing. The lack of chemicals is what sets the Styler Steam Cleaner apart from common cleaning devices or methods. After the cycle has finished, the clothes are left dry, without wrinkles, and most importantly, odourless. Due to the low temperatures which the device uses, this also reduces any risk of shrinking.

Tunebug Shake Portable SurfaceSound Speaker

SurfaceSound Speaker - Examples of Product Design in Technology

The Tunebug Shake is a portable speaker which can be connected to MP3 Players, iPods or mobile phones and can also be used via Bluetooth connectivity. This innovative design can be mounted on a bicycle, skateboard or snowboard helmet, alleviating the worry of your music device falling off or breaking, with the device creating a surround sound experience as it shakes.

The Speaker offers an elegant compact design with integrated SurfaceSound technology that creates the possibility to turn flat surfaces into a speaker, but is primarily designed for sports helmets. The device comes with various straps depending on the sports intended for use and offers two options for connectivity, including a 3.5mm audio jack as well as wireless Bluetooth technology. The device has a rechargeable battery built-in which boasts 450mAh capacity and offers five hours of usage when fully charged.

The device is ultra-portable and lightweight, making it perfect for sports activities, particularly with the capabilities to mount on a sports helmet. It also features a rubber moulded grip and is water-resistant, offering durability across a range of terrains. The touch-sensitive buttons to control the device reduce any extra time organising music as well as changing tracks.

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