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Developing a digital transformation strategy to help your business grow

Developing a digital transformation strategy to help your business grow

The stakes are high when you’re a business owner. You need to be constantly attuned to the market to make relevant decisions, anticipate changes not to be ousted by competition, and come up with original ideas that can also boost your sales and popularity. If it seems like a handful, it’s because it is so. Add to that the fact that, in an increasingly tech-savvy world, you have to manage both physical and online spaces, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for what seems like the world’s most stressful job. 

But there’s no reason to worry. If you develop a solid, computerised strategy, you’ll notice marked improvements in all areas of your company, from staff satisfaction to customer engagement. If you’re curious about how to start, have a look at the following suggestions and take the first step on the growth path. 

Choose relevant social media 

People spend a significant amount of time browsing social media, so your business presence on these platforms is a must. When you use social media, you can connect with your customers directly, advertise your products, increase traffic to your website and magnify sales figures. It also helps you stay knowledgeable about the latest trends, which you can either follow or customise for your business. 

There are many platforms to choose from, and you might struggle with deciding which ones to host accounts. It’s best to do some market research to know what the most popular websites are and how people act there, including the posting frequency and the general culture of the sites. You don’t want your marketing to feel out of place or like you’re trying too hard, your aim should be to blend in and naturally deliver your product advertisement. 

Consider hyper-converged solutions

As a type of SDI (software-defined infrastructure), HCI is a virtual framework that combines the elements of a data centre, including networking, management, and storage. Try HCI solutions if you’re looking to optimise computer-related processes, simplify setups, improve maintenance work and reduce operational fees. The system enables you to keep pace with upcoming changes by increasing the speed of your response via deployment and scaling of the public cloud. HCI is also helpful in protecting against hardware malfunctions or malware attacks. 

According to Nutanix, you can get top public cloud performance, ensuring consistent rates of business continuity. Your corporation gets the benefits of the latest advances in hardware technology, guaranteeing that you give your competition a run for their money. You can also put worries about bit rot behind you, as the integrity of your data will be guarded, and site failure will become an ascertained impossibility. And if that doesn’t convince you, know that you get increased flexibility, with the option to expand your storage as business advances quickly.

When you weigh all the benefits, you can easily observe that HCI is indispensable for business expansion, so you shouldn’t hesitate before using it for yourself. 

Get email marketing tools

Emails are a tried and tested marketing scheme that doesn’t seem to be losing its effectiveness anytime soon. However, compared to how things were getting done in the past, nowadays, customers ideally receive a personalised experience that fits their particular wants and needs. To know precisely what your clients want, you can start by conducting surveys, but you should also keep track of what they purchase from you. This way, you can build a customer profile and know what to offer everyone, based on previous customer behaviour. 

After you’ve established those steps, you can look into apps designed to boost email marketing performance by increasing deliverability rates. Going for something that provides you with analytics as well is important to keep track of your progress and identify patterns in data sets. A software delivering personalisation tool can make your emails sound less like spam and more like genuine communications, meaning that you’re increasing the likelihood of favourable customer responses. 

Improve SEO processes 

SEO can be tricky, especially for start-ups and independent companies, especially as the business landscape continues to become more ambitious and combative, but there’s no shortage of development strategies. You must ensure that you find the right keywords to increase your opportunity to reach a higher rank on search engines. However, don’t think you’re getting closer to success by crowding a massive number of them on the same page. In this case, less is more, as a text littered with keywords will be obnoxious to readers, decreasing your website traffic. 

You can also look into tweaking your existing content to be more on par with the latest SEO practices. Give your older blogs a refresh by editing keywords and headers and updating readability, and fixing other content issues that make you fall short in rankings. 

Develop lead enrichment 

Lead enrichment refers to the activity of gathering and organising database information. It is essential when you’re looking to improve your marketing strategy. Visitors to your website seldomly leave behind sufficient details to get a good picture of what they’re looking for, which is where lead enrichment comes into play to create a comprehensive view. 

Using lead enrichment helps with outreach marketing, the practice of having trusted entities recommend your business and products to your target audience. To make sure you’re reaching the correct assembly, however, it’s vital for the data you collect to be frequently updated so you don’t make marketing decisions or start an advertising endeavour based on outdated figures. 

Growing your business is a lengthy process. It won’t happen overnight, so don’t be deterred if you don’t record astronomic changes immediately. Keeping a realistic outlook is part of being in business. Be sure to set pragmatic goals, and, if you believe it helps, split them into daily, monthly, and yearly objectives to better monitor them. It’s also crucial to stay updated on the new systems and tools that enter the market. Given how the digital sphere changes so quickly, staying updated on the changes means you have a better chance to succeed. And lastly, aim high. When you don’t set boundaries for yourself, you’re bound to go farther than you’ve ever imagined.