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Destiny 2: Guide on How to Pass “Spire of the Watcher” Dungeon

Destiny 2: Guide on How to Pass “Spire of the Watcher” Dungeon

On December 9, along with the daily reset, a new dungeon became available in Destiny 2, which is part of the content of season 19, it was named Spire of the Watcher. In this article, we will analyze in detail the process of passing the main stages.

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The spire begins with an introduction, during which players get acquainted with the basic mechanics. Having launched the dungeon, we run forward all the time until we find ourselves in a location with structures and a tower in the distance. In the middle between the structures, there is a giant hatch, and just above it, there is a power cell with 4 nodes from which the wires come. You need to supply power to each node, thereby opening the door.

After opening the door and passing through several rooms, you will come out to the only very simple massive jump puzzle, where the first hidden chest is located.

Stage 1

After completing the jumping puzzle, you will find yourself at the base of the tower, in the room where the point of installation of the raid flag is located, and stage 1 will begin. You need to climb to the very top of the spire, passing 3 floors, the transition between them is carried out with the help of energy lifts, which first need to be activated by supplying power to two nodes nearby.

You do the same thing as in the introduction in Destiny 2 – sequentially activate nodes from point A to point B. At least at the usual level of complexity, you should not have any problems, except for several moments when the nodes are in non-obvious areas. For example, from the back of the structure or under it.

After the energy is applied on the 3rd floor, the stage is completed, the passage to the next stage opens and a chest with random equipment appears. Fans really like the new upgraded Armor 2.0 in Destiny 2.

Stage 2 – the first boss

When you reach the top, you will find a boss busy devouring the minotaur. The arena of the stage is presented in the form of a square with 4 bridges, towards which wires stretch. To start the stage, you need to kill the Minotaur.

Boss Mechanics:

First, you need to do the mechanics with the power supply from point A to B, where A is a node in the center of the square, and B is a node almost at the end of the bridge.

After activating the last node, the fourth bridge in a row, the boss will fly in his direction. Before activation, players must gather near this node.

Having flown close to the node, the boss will stop, open the petals and the eyes will light up on them. They need to be destroyed as quickly as possible.

After the destruction of the eye, the boss will begin to retreat to the center of the arena, and its central point becomes vulnerable, and that’s where you have to deal damage.

After reaching the center, after a short delay, the boss will release a wave of energy, pushing the characters away. It is important not to stand close to the edge of the map so that the character is not thrown out of the arena.

Repeat all actions until the boss’s HP drops to 0.

After the death of the boss, a chest with random equipment and a passage leading to the next stage will appear in the center of the arena.

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Stage 3

In an attempt to resist the guards, the Vex decides to destroy the core of the spire, and to prevent them, they will have to go down to the reactor room. The essence of this stage is almost the same as in the first, but with a slight change – you need to go through 3 floors, activating a new kind of node.

On each floor in Destiny 2, you will find 5 nodes from which red cables lead. They differ from yellow ones in that it does not matter in what order, but the main thing is to activate all nodes quickly (judging by the sensations, the delay between activation should not exceed 3-5 seconds). If the mechanics fail, the nodes are closed for a short time, and if successful, the floor opens, allowing you to get to the next floor.

Between the floors, there are small obstacles in the form of shafts with propellers. They are designed to slightly complicate the passage of the stage, although instantly the character is killed only by the propellers located at the very bottom of the mine, and the rest are simply pushed.

Stage 4 – final boss

Going down to the reactor room, you will finally see the final boss of the dungeon, a wyvern named Persys, which is protected by an impenetrable barrier. The stage arena consists of two rooms, which we will conditionally call the starting room and the boss room. They are separated by a large central door and two small doors on the sides.

After the death of the boss, if you are lucky, you will receive a new exotic bow and a chest with random equipment that will appear near the door, and a reward for the weekly milestone also falls out of it.

We hope our guide helped you and you will definitely play Destiny 2, which in 2022 was nominated by The Game Awards for Best Community Support.