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Cryptocurrency is Fueling the Crime

Cryptocurrency is Fueling the Crime

The domain of networking and computer is a wild and uncharted place. Infiltration of tons of data is a daily routine. The data may be any part, including online stores, marketplaces, factories, and government entities. The highest bidder purchased the stolen data, compromising privacies and crucial data and financial reports. If you want to earn profit from cryptocurrencies you just need to start Bitcoin trading on https:/

The crypto era is here with a different domain of digital data. Cryptocurrency is a part of an uncharted platform serving the purpose of und transfer among the mischiefs. It provides a trackless platform to grow and promote their work. When projected on a global scale, it reflects a whole different problem.


It refers to a practice where a burglar enters your property in your absence, steals all valuables, and sells them to a black buyer. The same scenario happens on computers by hackers, and your data is no more yours only. There are buyers to buy your information, but how will they transfer funds between themselves?

The Bitcoin trading platform is the answer to the question of where to trade bitcoins and cryptocurrencies in general. The currency can be any; it may be a Bitcoin or Ethereum. It facilitates them in a way that they don’t have physical restrictions. The seller or buyer can be anywhere on the map of the world. It may be of the same nationality or a different one with entirely other physical currencies. Still, both can settle the transaction in their desired cash in the universe of cryptocurrency.

You can have any currency globally, buy a cryptocurrency, and trade it without physical contact. 


The situation is when you get robbed in an alley, and all your belonging are with the snatchers. They point a weapon toward you and demand your valuables to sit and the run. Or they are kidnapping you and demanding a ransom to release you. The present-day cybercrime works on the same principle. They bind your computer and demand ransom through cryptocurrency. Can you track them? Simply no.

These cyber-attacks were not common, but with an awakening of cryptocurrency, these cyber criminals got an opportunity to secure their footsteps. Even after the transfer of crypto-funds, you are not secure.

Normal Crimes

Smuggling, drug trafficking, human trafficking, and weapons trafficking have been common in the past decades. The riskiest part was moving a load of currency notes in cash deals and getting tracked by authorities in online sales. There was complete exposure of the stakeholders as account details were always accessible.

Then comes the cryptocurrency. There is no record of transactions, and all transactions are anonymous. The stakeholders do not exist for financial judications as there is no bank transfer or currency notes transfer. Hence no physical restrictions promoting by bringing ease to the execution of their crimes.

 According to recent reports, with the increase in cryptocurrency trade, there is an increase in the percentage of transactions related to unlawful activities by almost 100%. Many criminal organizations have cryptocurrency as their standard exchange rate for their transactions.

Money Laundering

The blurring of transparency in money laundering is one of the perks of having cryptocurrency. Many unlawful money generation sources use this platform to secure their clients by purchasing Bitcoin or other crypto entity and transferring it to clients’ exchange accounts.

These unlawful acts mainly include crime lords and drug lords who rule the darkness of trafficking and are afraid to show their assets in their financial statements. Similarly, political leaders and bureaucrats who participate in corruption and have a heavy hand in bribery want to have their finances blurred. These individuals keep their funds in the form of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Thus, using cryptocurrencies as escape routes to their dark habits and actions. It results in blind the local financial judication institutions from gathering witnesses and evidence as these crypto exchanges have anonymous transactions. It is why most government organizations stand against the regulation of cryptocurrency.


Cryptocurrency is a broad domain to enlighten. Although the crypto sector shows the minimal promotion of criminal and illicit activities, the reality is the opposite. This false image aims to promote cryptocurrency usage by an ordinary person. And everyone knows that the rates of cyber-attacks are rising because cryptocurrency provides them an escape route.  

These earlier mentioned issues need sorting to regulate and grow the crypto marketplace. Showing ignorance of cryptocurrency is not the solution, but developing it to an extent where trading becomes safe will revolutionize the Bitcoin Era.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.