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Coming Changes to the Smartphone Status Quo

Coming Changes to the Smartphone Status Quo

Just passing their 15th birthday in the mainstream, smartphones have already experienced considerable evolution in their short lifespan. Now firmly in the 2020s, the evolution behind smartphones has reached a kind of plateau, but we don't expect this to last forever. Instead, some new technologies in the 2020s are just starting their move from unusual to ubiquitous. Looking at what these are and the changes they'll make, we can gain some insight into what to expect next from the world of smartphones.

Folding Phones

Now entering the fourth generation with the Galaxy Z Fold 4, folding phones can raise entertainment on mobile to the next level. For example, consider a modern popular use for thousands of users who play fun online slots like The Vault and Pumpkin Patch. These are already hugely popular thanks to streamlined controls and impressive graphics, whereas the larger display of folding smartphones can make them even more engaging.

The same can be said for work uses, where having double the traditional amount of screen space makes multitasking and database management a real usable possibility. With early concerns about device reliability now a thing of the past, these premium systems could well illustrate a more serious take on now ubiquitous mobile devices.

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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a technology with so many potential benefits that it's only a matter of time before it becomes a standard part of the mobile package. From checking out potential modifications to your home to diagnosing issues with a vehicle, AR tech serves as a near-instantaneous way to visually demonstrate a collective of human knowledge.

As scanning systems improve through better cameras and image recognition, bolstered by improving AI, AR could reshape many expensive and time-consuming jobs formerly left to humans. Combining with a coming future of AR headsets, the combination of smartphones and AR are going to revolutionise the world.

All-in-One Systems

While we tend to think of work computers, home computers, phones, and game consoles as mostly separate, the growing power of mobiles could soon change this idea. In the coming generation, contributions from ultra-high-speed Internet and cloud technologies could turn smartphones into hubs from which all other parts of our lives attach.

Though they'll still require peripherals for the best efficiency in most uses, streaming, cloud servers, and system docks have already laid a foundation for one mobile system to be able to rule them all. Unfortunately, this will make breaking or losing a mobile all the more devastating, but this development is still a huge leap towards a more sci-fi future.

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As for when exactly these technologies will take over, that will depend on the user. Some people might already find themselves on the bleeding edge, while others will find the benefits of traditional solutions too great to ignore for now. Make no mistake, however, mobile ubiquity and far-expanded use are going to be the future of the technological landscape, it's just a matter of when.