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ChatGPT and The Online Casino Industry: How Will AI Alter Players’ Gambling Experience?

ChatGPT and The Online Casino Industry: How Will AI Alter Players’ Gambling Experience?

And just like that, the AI boom is ON! ChatGPT has clocked up 100 million users in just two months, a figure that took TikTok nine months, and Instagram a staggering (in context, anyway) 30 months. Generative AI has changed the face of the internet already and the cat is well and truly out of the bag, with Google’s generative AI expected at the end of the year. But online casino fans and industry operators are wondering just what effect AI will have overall on the player’s gambling experience.

Take a ride with us as we go on an exploration of what different AI products will mean for the online gambling world.

Flagging Up Fraudulent Activity

Despite the fact that shady activity when registering at real money South African casinos is a rare occurrence, it’s still a reality that needs to be taken into consideration. Casino operators are always in the market for a better fraud alerting and blocking system to run on their platforms.

While their payment providers themselves are the ones who take care of fraudulent banking transactions, often aided by AI already, there is also an internal mandate to detect and deflect other fraudulent activities at online casinos. These activities might be cybersecurity attacks designed to steal user information or take down the site during play.

Rest assured that AI-powered anti-fraud systems will make the online gambling experience smoother instead of the opposite. Thanks to AI, there will be less chance of flagging non-fraudulent activities as fraudulent, meaning fewer stoppages in play and account access for the user.

Issue resolution intelligent chatbots

With most online casinos serving up 24/7 help, you want a smooth user experience when you run into an issue when using an online casino. Not only that, you want your issue to be resolved as fast as possible.

Think about when you ask ChatGPT a question and it gives you an amazing, exact answer. Now think about a chat window with a casino. What if ChatGPT knew all the answers to the curly questions to do with online casinos and the casino that you are playing at exactly? By feeding all the casino’s terms and conditions, frequently asked questions, past methods of issue resolution, and other corporate information to a chatbot for background information, casinos will be able to do just that.

Not only this, the chatbot will have intimate knowledge of your entire account history, including all plays, cashouts, and clicks. Instead of having a human dig deep into the details of your specific issue and the data, and come back maybe days later, the chatbot will be able to resolve issues instantly. Amazing!

AI-powered ‘live dealers’

Will live dealers become a thing of the past, replaced by AI figures with AI-powered chat? The survey says… maybe! Live dealer games like poker and blackjack attract quite a crowd, as people like the interactive aspects of the experience. With live dealer games, you get to have an experience that’s as close to a real-life casino as possible.

But now, we can generate 3D people and deep fakes. We can voice them with AI. We can have them engage in witty two-way conversations with other people, like if you asked ChatGPT to have a funny conversation with you, pretending to be your blackjack dealer.

If the cost to produce these fake live dealer solutions is cheaper than hiring live dealers and running real-life games then you can bet that plenty of online casinos will be rolling them out. If you can’t tell the difference between a deep fake video and a real life video then you won’t be able to tell the difference between a real live dealer and a fake live dealer. This means that you will probably have exactly the same experience either way.

So, will it change your experience of live dealer games if they’re actually AI? Maybe for some people, who can’t get the idea of a robot out of their head, but for everyone else it’ll just be business as usual.

<H2> AI is changing everything </H2>

Even if you’re mad about how AI is shaking up entire industries, you can’t exactly fight it. Rather than worrying about how the changes that AI is bringing will affect people, make sure to educate yourself and get on board with how to harness its power. Make AI work for you and use it to do better in your work, in your playtime including at online casinos, and in your interpersonal relationships. ChatGPT is just the beginning. Get back to us in about 20 years or so to see how these types of powerful machine learning have completely changed the planet – hopefully for the good.