Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box Review with Signe Gradient Floor Lamp & Gradient Lightsrip

I have recently expanded my range of Philips Hue smart lighting in my TV room with the Gradient Lightstrip and Gradient Signe Floor Lamp. The one missing piece to the system has been the HDMI sync box which allows me to synchronise anything on the TV with my lighting. Specifications 4 x HDMI In HDMI: … Read more

BenQ GV30 vs Viewsonic M1+ vs Nebula Capsule Max Comparison Review – Performance Including Brightness, Picture Quality and Audio Quality

Following on from my initial specification and features comparison between the BenQ GV30 vs Viewsonic M1+ vs Nebula Capsule Max. This part of the review is about the actual performance of the three portable projectors. BenQ GV30 Projector Links Design and Set Up The three projectors have very different designs, and all three have their … Read more

BenQ GV30 vs Viewsonic M1+ vs Nebula Capsule Max Portable Projector Comparison Review – Specification & Features

I have previously reviewed the excellent BenQ GV30, and it is one of the best portable projectors I have tested and well worth considering over many of the popular options on the market. Recently, I managed to borrow the Viewsonic M1+ and Nebula Capsule Max to see how the three projectors performed. There are some … Read more

PeakDo Wireless 4K HDMI Docking Station Review – 4K Wireless HDMI transmission with zero latency but no HDR or 4k 60Hz/120Hz

I am sure most people at some point have wished they could connect a laptop/console/mobile to a TV or monitor without the need for long HDMI cables. Wireless HDMI extenders have been around for years, but the performance is a long way from ideal. Most of these transmitters can’t keep up with modern technology. They … Read more

Yaber V10 Projector Review

I have reviewed a few affordable projectors now, some full-sized like this, others mini or even pico. In general, you get what you pay for with this kind of thing. All of the projectors I have reviewed have been acceptable, but they quite frequently have low Lux levels, meaning you need a dark room to … Read more

Acer L811 4K ultra-short throw projector & Nitro XV272U KF a 27” WQHD 300 Hz refresh rate monitor announced

Acer has announced three projectors today, two gaming focussed projectors and now the Acer L811, which is a an ultra-short throw projector that offers HDR10-compatible 4K resolution and 3,000 lumens of brightness for an incredible home-theater experience. Capable of offering a 120-inch projection from only 0.312 meters (1.02 feet) the projector defeats the traditional space … Read more

Vamvo L6200 Projector Review – A projector for a budget home cinema set-up

The Vamvo L6200 Projector has a strikingly similar appearance to the GooDee YG620 I reviewed almost a year ago. It is an affordable and well-specced projector that could be a good investment for somewhat to set up a budget home theatre. Specifications Model: Vamvo L6200 Display Technology: LCD Light source: LED Native Resolution: 1920 x 1080 px … Read more

Best TVs for PS5 / Xbox Series X console gaming at 4K 120Hz with Variable Refresh Rate, eArc and HDMI 2.1

Page 2 has the Sony TVs capable of 4K 120Hz If you have forked out £450 for a brand new Sony or Xbox console, it is likely you want to experience it in the best way possible. With some games offering 4K resolution at 120fps, if you want a TV that is capable of this, … Read more

LG C1 OLED (2021) 4K TV review – Is this the best OLED for 2021? [55″ OLED55C15LA]

Page 2 of the review covers pricing, alternative options and the overall opinion and rating. Nearly three years ago, I bought my first OLED TV, the 65″ Sony AF8. I had wanted an OLED since the early generations, but they were painfully expensive, and I was poor. So it was a massive investment, and I … Read more

GooDee YG620 Native 1080P Full HD Projector Review – Full-sized projector for a superior image vs pico and mini

I have reviewed a few projectors this year, most of them being mini or pico projectors. The GooDee YG620 is not one of them. This is a normal-sized projector, not being particularly portable at all. However, unlike the bag friendly pico projectors, opting for something larger gives you significantly better image quality and brightness. Features … Read more

Anker Nebula Capsule II mini projector review – Is it better than the older Capsule, Mars & Benq GV1?

Pico and mini projectors have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering big-screen entertainment anywhere you want, at a reasonably affordable price. The Nebula Capsule II is the latest projector from Anker padding out their product lineup to include four projectors in total. Nebula Capsule II vs Capsule vs Capsule Max vs Mars II  As … Read more

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