Panasonic announce 4K OLED FZ800 and FZ950 TVs & DP-UB820 Ultra HD Blu-ray at CES 2018

Panasonic doesn’t get as much attention as LG, Samsung, and LG, but from my experience, they produce fantastic TVs, and I even have one of their 4K sets as my main TV. During CES 2018 they have announced two new models, the  FZ800 and FZ950, which will ship in 55-inch and 65-inch sizes. Both these … Read more

Top 10 4K Blu-Rays Available to buy now.

This year, most TVs that are being released this year are 4K compatible, with higher end models also having HDR(High-dynamic-range) functionality built into them. HDR reproduces a greater dynamic range of luminosity than is possible with standard digital imaging or photographic techniques. In short, the bright parts of an image can get considerably brighter compared … Read more

Panasonic DMP-UB900 UHD 4k Blu-Ray Player Preview


Following on from my previous 2 posts about the general 2016 line-up from Panasonic, and a preview of the new DX902 model( TX-65DX902B ), we were briefly shown the new Ultra HD Blu-ray that Panasonic has just launched, the DMP-UB900. It is funny that 4K TVs have been out for quite a while now but generally … Read more

Samsung BD-C8500M Blu-Ray

Quite possibly the best sounding Blu-Ray player at the moment, and you’ll think so too after reading about this “blighty”-fied masterpiece.   The Samsung BD-C8500M is a 3D Blu-Ray player with everything and I mean everything you could possibly want or need in a media playing marvel. Not only will it play your Blu-Rays but … Read more

Blu-Ray Player Fest : LG BD390

More news on yet another Blu-Ray player. We touched on this a couple of months back but now we’ver got some UK details on it. This wireless enabled player allows a WiFi connection to your network so no wired router access is needed for internet connection for all those updates and internet extras your blu-rays … Read more

Popcorn Hour C200 Network Media Tank Announced

The Popcorn Hour A-110 was a big hit with geeks around the world for its almost unrivalled ability to handle media. Unfortunately it was not all perfect, the unit was a bit slow to navigate, it transferring files to it was extremely slow due to the 100Mb Ethernet and various other little annoyances.

Week now it seems most of these issues will hopefully be ironed out with the release of the Popcorn Hour C200. Some of the key improvements that are worth noticing are:

  • A more powerful SMP8643 Sigma Chip compared to the A-110’s SMP8635. This should improve a lot of the issues the A-110 had.
  • Gigabit Ethernet – This will make a huge difference if you are running a gigabit network.
  • Possibly support for DVD and Blu-Ray. The removable tray at the front of the player apparently will support a DVD drive or Blu-Ray Drive
  • It is significantly bigger than the A-110.

Obviously you will also get all the usual great features of a Network Media Tank including UPnP, Samba, NFS, BitTorrent, Usenet. Then web services such as YouTube, Vuze, and Revision 3 and finally the ability to play almost any media file you throw at it include 1080p videos.

Full specification after the jump.
























The above image is from and shows the C200 with a Blu-Ray Drive.

Read more

Sharp BD-HP22H Landing on Shelves Later This Month

Looking for a reasonably priced Blu-Ray player that does everything you need? Look no further. This little eco-friendly beauty should be out later this month priced at a mere £199.99, available in you guessed it……… Black!! 7.1 Surround 1080p Picture DTS-HD Master Audio & Dolby TrueHD BD-Live Profile 2.0 Eco-Friendly (20W when on , 0.7W … Read more

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