Nvidia Shield TV gets Android 11 with SHIELD Experience 9.0 Upgrade includes GeForce NOW cloud gaming in 4K HDR

The Nvidia Shield has turned out to be one of the best pieces of consumer tech in years, thanks to the extremely long support cycle. Nvidia continues the support by now pushing out Android 11 with SHIELD Experience 9.0. My Nvidia Shield TV Pro is pushing 7-years old now, and I can’t think of any … Read more

Mecool KM6 Deluxe Android TV Box Review – A good alternative to the Nvidia Shield for local 4K streaming

I have been a fan of the Amazon Fire TV sticks and Nvidia Shield for years now. But they are not perfect, I hate having to use WiFi (or 100M Ethernet) on the Fire Stick, the tubular Nvidia Shield is no use for large local 4K files, and the Pro is very expensive. Cheap Chinese … Read more

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max vs Fire TV Stick 4K Max vs Lite Specifications Compared – 2021 Max model is the most powerful yet

[Updated 09/12/2021] Amazon Fire TV devices have been some of my favourite tech products in recent years. Even though I have shifted to the Nvidia Shield, these offer the best performance for the price of any streaming product I can think of. For 2021, Amazon has launched a new flagship Amazon Fire TV Stick. which … Read more

How UK TV has Influenced US Shows

While many people probably assume the UK holds an influence over large engineering factories or car plants, they likely haven’t thought of another significant focus within the UK. Quality television programming has become an international stronghold for UK tv, especially as it relates to the influence it holds over US shows. More than 600 television … Read more

Subscribe to Hulu Without a US Credit Card

Hulu is one of the most popular VoD streaming services on the planet. It was launched on October 29, 2007, and is currently owned by Walt Disney and Comcast. It is super affordable too. According to businessinsider, Hulu Basic is one of the most affordable streaming services costing only $6/mo. Currently, the streaming service has … Read more

The Best Streaming Devices for Binge-Watchers in 2021!

Streaming devices great flexibility and freedom if you want to keep up with the recent TV shows and movies for binge-watching through international streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and more! In parallel, advanced research on technological developments opens new avenues of entertainment for the international communities where anyone … Read more

6 UK Netflix Series to Binge watch in 2021

When it comes to Netflix series, the UK library of Netflix offers some of the best selections based on the show's quality. With the list of hundreds of shows to enjoy, we have selected our favorites that will leave you wanting more. Enjoy our pick on UK Netflix, and if you are not living in the UK, there is no need to worry. You can select any VPN from the list of the best Netflix VPN for UK, connect to the UK server, and enjoy the series. 

Netflix is rightfully considered to be the king of entertainment. Catering to every mood can provide you with a vast selection that you don't have to wonder what to watch anymore. The content choice is one of the main reasons Netflix is better than other streaming sites, including Disney Plus, Hulu, HBO Max, and Hulu. 

Another reason for favoring Netflix is its user interface, especially on Android and iOS devices. With an easy, interactive, and visually appealing interface, you are one step away from getting addicted to Netflix. As we have discussed why we love Netflix, here is the list of the series that will prove that our love is based on our desire to enjoy fantastic content.

Read more

StreamLocator Router Review – Geo-unblock Netflix without an app, VPN or DNS changes

One of the driving forces behind the popularity of VPNs in the past few years is to bypass geo-blocking on streaming services. Sites such as Netflix quickly cottoned onto the fact, and they regularly block users from streaming content when they detect a VPN is in use. So if you sign up to a VPN, … Read more

How to Stream the Best Hulu Movies and Shows in the UK?

Hulu is an American video-on-demand platform that has taken a big market share in the streaming industry. Disney Plus recently acquired this platform, and it is running with the Disney Plus Network. However, this platform is only accessible in a few regions, and people from multiple regions face the geo-restrictions in accessing the same. If … Read more

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