Best Gaming Apps for iPhone

In the last five years since Apple brought out their first iPhone, there have been literally thousands of apps released for installing on the device, leading to a huge market in gaming applications. The games available range from puzzle games right through to sporting games, poker and bingo games. There have never been more ways … Read more

Five Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

With so many new gadgets hitting the market in the past few years, it’s easy to take them for granted without acknowledging just how beneficial they’ve been to our lives. In fact, some have made such an impact that it’s almost impossible to think about how we’d survive without them. One such example is actually … Read more

4 Hotly-Anticipated PC Games To Look Forward To In 2013

We might be well over half-way through 2013, but that doesn’t mean the gaming year is over yet – far from it. After the inevitable summer drought comes the equally-inevitable surge of end-of-year releases that has our wallets crying more than when a festively-generous Gabe Newell unleashes an irresistible Steam sale. To ensure that your … Read more

E-readers – getting a clearer picture

E-readers have become immensely popular over the last few years, although admittedly there has been something of a fall-off in sales since the advent of tablets. One problem that e-readers faced when put up against the tablet was the quality of the picture, a slower framerate and the lack of a good colour palette. E-readers … Read more

Win a Google Nexus 7 with Mighty Gadget and Ladbrokes

** The winner is – Jo Johnstone ** *EDIT – Just for some clarification, the competition winner will be announced on the 31st of October* We are please to announce a competition in partnership with Ladbrokes to celebrate thee launch of their new poker website, which is now available on Android and you can download … Read more

Christmas Gifts For 2013

Although it’s only September you’ve probably noticed the supermarket and high street store shelves being filled with Christmas stock for a few weeks now and as much as everyone is attempting to refuse to acknowledge Christmas when autumn hasn’t even officially started yet, it’s creeping up on us so fast that you’ll soon be unable … Read more

Data Security: Five Ways To Protect Your Business’s Data

You may not realise it, but your business’s data could be a potential goldmine for digital hackers. Customers’ personal and financial information, your company’s intellectual property; in the current day and age, hackers are constantly finding new ways to gain access to that data and turn it into cash for themselves. A recent survey revealed … Read more

How Microsoft are Leading Large Scale Cloud Adoption: The Xbox One and The Connected Experience

The cloud is coming. We’ve been hearing it for years now, we’ve seen all the signs, we’ve listened to the inexplicably spieling early adopters talking in a code that could scarcely be understood by the enigma machine, never mind us lot, and indeed we’ve watched the base technology evolve and grow and transform into a … Read more

Top 7 Uses for GPS Tracking Systems

GPS technology has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years as now, from the traditional method of navigating via a map, a simple looking piece of technology can get you to your destination on the shortest available route at well as avoiding any traffic jams spotted along the way. It’s not just car … Read more

The pick of the best tablets in 2013

Industry reports state that tablets are expected to overtake laptops in sales by the end of 2013. With tablet popularity increasing, so is the choice and here are just a few of the most popular tablets available on the market. Whether you are a fanboy or not, there’s no denying the popularity of Apple’s ubiquitous … Read more

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