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On flights, many of us are accustomed to relaxing with a movie and turning off our phones. But what about business travelers, though? At 36,000 feet, glancing through digital presentations and collaborating just got better. These days, in-flight internet is more widely available than ever.

Airlines do not immediately switch on to the newest and finest in-flight WiFi technology. This indicates that airlines cannot meet customer demand since they only occasionally change their systems.

In an age where we take WiFi access for granted, it’s strange that most passenger planes do not offer internet access to their customers. This can be a big problem for many in the corporate world, which is why Starlink is looking to change all that by providing lightning fast internet services for passenger flights, with forward-thinking private charters such as Kull Jet at the forefront of offering inflight internet.

Starlink’s Inflight Internet

With the formal launch of SpaceX, Starlink is now accessible aboard certain aircraft. It asserts that any aircraft fitted with its Aero Terminal would receive internet connectivity at speeds of up to 350 Mbps, which is fast enough for video conversations.

It’s a significant improvement above the average speeds provided by most in-flight WiFi. The low-profile Aero Terminal from Starlink incorporates an electronically guided phased array antenna, enabling unprecedented performance, reliability, and redundancy levels.

Conduct Business in the Air

Passengers may send an email, check social media, perform basic web surfing while in flight, and watch quick videos. The aircraft’s built-in antennae connect to these signals beneath each wing, and the link is routed through the cabin’s WiFi router so that passengers may access the internet.

The alternative technique makes use of telecommunication satellites. In-flight WiFi powered by satellites has the benefit of providing greater dependability, coverage, and speeds. Although it is pricey since satellite Internet is so expensive, passengers may send business messages and read the most recent news while travelling.

Collaborate On-the-Go

Going even a short while without checking your email might result in you missing a crucial update for a project. You could, for instance, receive a notification that the deadline has been pushed forward to tomorrow. When you get to Europe after an eight-hour journey and find the deadline is in two hours, you’ll be in danger.

You can keep track of scheduling changes by checking your emails often. You may work on the assignment while sipping your complimentary business class martini, and you’ll be informed if deadlines have altered.

Kull Jet Company knows if you’re a productive business traveller, you’ll be more productive on the plane if you can make calls to your clients or colleagues. The disadvantage of spending hours tied to your seat and cut off from your business partners and employees can harm your business. Many of us spend a lot of time above 10,000 feet, but thanks to current technology and Starlink’s inflight internet in all Kull Jet private jets, we can still be productive.

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