Best laptop sleeves for techie lovers

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Every laptop needs its protective armour, but finding the right case is more than just finding any old padded bag. The case must be reliable in protecting the device but it can also be an extension of your business attire or personality more generally. Usually this is a scale that has some trade-offs, with the most practical ones perhaps not being the most aesthetically pleasing. This article aims to take both aspects into account so you can have the best of both worlds.

Best overall: Harber London

Number one on the list is the Harber London range of sleeves. Unlike some of the others mentioned, they’re not a one-off case. Instead, Harber London have a selection of consistently themed, premium leather sleeves that fit most, if not all, Apple products laptops and tablets. They are usually priced between £50 and £130. The most notable article is their relaxed fitted, Carry-All Macbook Folio. This sleeve has stylish and impeccably crafted leather. It appears minimal, but the inside has space to hold cards, a pen, passport and even a pocket to store cables all with 100% wool felt lining.

Best protection: Thule Gauntlet 3.0

Thule is a known brand for providing high standards of security and functionality. The Thule Gaunlet 3.0 is aimed for 13-inch Mac users, but it certainly doesn’t mean this is the only laptop that fits. The sleeve has a hard exterior and is certainly robust. The case unzips and can fold 90 degrees with your laptop, meaning you never even have to take the laptop out of the case. It’s priced around £50 and its appearance certainly reflects that price tag, solely because it oozes functionality.


Inateck’s 15-inch laptop case delivers on both protection and style. It may be lacking an inside pocket or premium materials, but it nevertheless pulls off its understated look. The shockproof sleeve also has a very useful handle, yet still remains to have the slender appearance of a sleeve as opposed to a bag. It’s difficult to judge how long the foam inside and polyester exterior would last, but for £18.99 it is great all-round.


The EveCase does a great job protecting a laptop on a budget. It is designed with both water-resistant and shock-absorbent diamond pads. The inside is soft too, so it’s sure to not scratch the device. The sleeve comes in four sizes and is priced at a mere £11.99 on Amazon. Whilst this may be love or hate in terms of look, you can’t deny the value it serves. The case is also approved by the Transportation Security Administration, meaning that the laptop will not need to be removed for airport security.

Twelve South BookBook

The version 2 of the Twelve South BookBook stands out. The appearance of the case is that of a vintage book with a paper-coloured zip. The case, like a book, can be opened with your laptop so you don’t need to remove it when using the device. A sleeve that appears to be a vintage book is an acquired taste for sure, but the more artsy, bohemian M itac-owners could certainly get some joy from it. The leather looks great but there are some negative reviews criticising the stitching, and for £69.99, you expect it to be expertly-crafted.

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