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Best AI-Powered Gadgets

Best AI-Powered Gadgets

Artificial intelligence, better known as AI, is taking over the world. This branch of computer science involves creating software and systems capable of reading and understanding data and using it to solve complex problems. While AI has been around for many decades, it’s really taken off in the last few years, with loads of AI tools now being used all over the world.

AI has the potential to change how we live and work, making our lives easier and potentially creating new jobs and opportunities too. It looks like learning from an artificial intelligence programme could be an excellent way to help your CV and open up new opportunities. While the future looks bright, you can make the most of AI today with a range of AI gadgets.

Google Home

Like Siri and Alexa before it, Google Home is a type of AI-powered assistant that aims to make running your household much easier. Google Home can be integrated into your home with the Nest speaker system, which also contains a microphone capable of hearing your voice and responding to commands.   

Although Google Home is capable of playing music, its main purpose is to serve as a platform for Google Assistant. This is a voice-activated virtual assistant linked to the internet. The Google Assistant that you can access through the Home is the same one found on more recent Android devices, such as the Google Pixel 6.

The Google Home system is always listening to its surroundings. However, unless you say one of its pre-programmed words, it won't record what you're saying or carry out your orders. To activate the assistant, all you need to do is start your command with either “OK, Google” or “Hey, Google”.

Tempo Studio AI Home Gym

Since the covid pandemic, many people have started to work out at home rather than going to the gym. Not only does this save costs, but you can also still get a great workout from home. The one downside is that many people struggle to motivate themselves without a trainer. The Tempo Studio is an AI home gym that aims to solve this problem.

Membership to this AI gym gives you access to personal coaching from a real coach and more than 2,000 guided workouts and home gym equipment. You can start a workout whenever you like, fitting in your exercise around your busy schedule and getting the same kind of results that you would get in any commercial gym.

You can track your fitness goals through an app and record metrics such as heart rate to ensure you’re improving and getting great workouts each time you train. All you need to get started is a TV and an iPhone XR or newer.

Shark AI Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuum cleaners have been around for the last ten years or so, but they’ve improved a lot in that time. These devices can be set to do your cleaning for you, leaving you more time to do the important things like working or relaxing. While early models could get stuck frequently and weren’t always the best, the Shark AI cleaner is the pinnacle of robot vacuums.

The AI-powered laser navigation technology of the Shark AI vacuum cleaner sets this model apart from the competition. It means that the robot can easily navigate its way around each room and is less likely to get stuck on obstacles. The AI learns and maps the house and can also respond to new obstacles that it doesn’t expect to find.

Aside from the AI that controls it, this vacuum cleaner has loads of great features to ensure your house gets cleaned thoroughly. It has a large capacity to pick up more dust and an extra long battery life giving it two hours of cleaning per charge. It also has a special adapter that makes it ideal for picking up pet hair even from thick carpets.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.