ADO A20+ & A20F+ Foldable Electric Bikes Discount

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I have reviewed a couple of bikes from ADO recently and have been very impressed.

For the next few days, they are offering a discount on the ADO A20+ and A20F+.

The ADO A20+ has a small number of upgrades compared to the standard ADO A20 including:

  • Quick release waterproof line
  • Electric taillight and reflector
  • Hub reflectors
  • ADO G-Drive controller
  • Front fork pads

The ADO A20F+ is then the fat tyre variant which will provide a superior ride over uneven or soft ground.

Both bikes have a 250W motor with a maximum speed of 25km/h using pedal assist. If you buy the international model it is possible to unlock the motor for increased speed and full electric mode.

Neither bike comes with a luggage rack but these are available from ADO for around 62-Euros.

Itemsoriginal priceFlash sale priceFree Gift
A20+€799€769 (save €30)1pcs helmet
A20F+€1,069€969 (save €100)1pair fenders

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