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Boosting creativity is important for anyone who wants to come up with fresh ideas or see things from a new perspective, whether you are designing software or painting in your spare time. Luckily, there are many gadgets available today that can give your creative juices a jolt. Here are six tech tools to add some inspiration to your day.

Digital Sketchpad

A digital sketchpad allows you to digitally capture ideas on the fly. Devices like an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil are great electronic canvases for doodling concepts, sketching designs, or visual thinking. The ability to quickly draw out thoughts in the moment helps you capture creative sparks before they disappear. Plus, digital files are easy to edit or share for collaboration.

Select the drawing tool or pen type you want to use from the toolbar. The toolbar usually includes options like pen, pencil, marker, calligraphy pen, and eraser. Adjust the stroke size and colour if desired. To start drawing, simply touch the stylus or your finger to the screen and drag to make lines and strokes. The great thing about digital sketching is it’s easy to undo mistakes. Simply tap the undo button to erase strokes. You can also use your finger or stylus to smudge or blend lines. When your sketch is complete, tap the save or export button to save your work as an image or PDF.

Digital sketchpads make sketching efficient and mess-free. And you can store an unlimited number of sketches digitally for easy access later.

360° Camera

Seeing the world from new vantage points is a great creativity booster. A 360 camera lets you capture completely immersive photos and videos from all angles. You can transport yourself to inspiring locations or everyday scenes to spark imaginative thinking. Interesting perspectives revealed in 360 captures encourage you to keep exploring ideas.

Ambient Nature Sounds Machine

Natural backgrounds like ocean waves, rainfall, or chirping birds have been shown to enhance creative thinking. An ambient nature sounds machine lets you pipe peaceful nature noise into your workspace. Listening to calming and inspiring environments transports your brain to new headspaces where your thoughts can wander freely.

Dancing Robot

If you find movement gets your creative juices flowing, try a dancing robot. Programmable, app-controlled robots like Anki Vector use sensors to avoid falls as they bust moves. Choreographing a dance routine for your robot buddy engages your mind in a fun, creative pursuit. The completion of teaching a successful dance provides a sense of innovative accomplishment.

Digital Art App

Flex your visual art skills with a digital art app for your tablet or smartphone. Procreate, Adobe Fresco, and other art apps offer advanced brushes, canvases, layers, and more to unlock new forms of drawing and painting. The limitless combinations available give you the freedom to experiment artistically. And digital files make manipulating your designs a breeze.

When it comes to digital art apps, Apple’s iOS ecosystem edges out Android. Apple offers robust creative apps like Procreate, Affinity Designer, and Art Studio that aren’t available on Android. The iPad also works seamlessly with the Apple Pencil for professional digital illustration and painting. On Android, Autodesk Sketchbook and Adobe Photoshop Sketch offer solid sketching and painting tools but lack features of leading iOS apps. Android’s strength is more in photo editing apps like Snapseed and PicsArt. While Android has some decent options for artists, Apple’s tight integration of hardware and creative software gives it an advantage for serious digital art applications.

Smart Speaker

Getting inspired sometimes means jumping down internet rabbit holes. A smart speaker makes those detours efficient. Ask your Alexa, Siri, or Google to play an intriguing TED talk or obscure music genre. You can bounce around new audio content flashing sparks of novelty to get the creative juices flowing. With just your voice, a smart speaker allows you quick access to fresh digital content.

Digital Design Tools

Don’t underestimate the power of digital design tools like Canva, Photoshop and Adobe. These tools are incredibly powerful, and you can use them to manipulate images, create collages, and more. For example, why not let your creativity have free rein and experiment with a pop art style in your next email marketing campaign?

In our tech-driven world, there are more and more gadgets emerging to help spark creative thinking. From photography equipment like 360° cameras to ambient sound machines, devices that expose you to new perspectives, environments, and challenges are ideal for boosting your originality. Experiment with these six gadgets to give your imagination a helpful push.

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