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User experience is by far the most important element of every online store. While there are many ways of providing your customers with impeccable UX, there are six elements that come to the fore, no matter what products you offer. Let’s have a look at them.

No complex graphic design

You may feel tempted to make your store all flashy and loud, but don’t go this way. The more straightforward your graphic design is, the better. Remember, the essence of good UX lies in intuitiveness. Graphic elements should not be overused, and they should work with one another. Start by designing navigation and interaction with users, and then move to creating a layout for both the desktop and mobile websites. Avoid vibrant colours and aggressive design.

Ensure easy navigation

Menu, navigation, available filters, product tabs, the search box – all of these elements should be as intuitive as possible. A good internal linking structure is also of the essence. Moreover, don’t ask your users to do the same thing twice (e.g., don’t make them leave the product tab every time they want to add a product to the cart). If possible, shorten getting to each product in your offer to two, max. three clicks.

It’s the same story with product categories. They should match the way customers perceive the products in your offer. Streamline searching for the desired product, e.g., by dividing them the way people use them.

Manage white space wisely

Your website should be transparent, hierarchical and readable. What it shouldn’t be, though, is overloaded. White space enables you to lighten the design and make it more transparent. Additionally, remember not to overwhelm your users with too much information and options. Stick to elements that are useful and relevant.

High-quality images

They play a vital role in selling your products. The better the images, the more customers you have. Additionally, high-quality images and videos help you minimize the number of returns, as people have the chance to get acquainted with the product before buying it.

Use a chatbot

People have already accustomed to chatbots. They are versatile and helpful, especially given they provide 24/7 customer service without the need to hire more employees. A well-designed chatbot can handle up to 70% of conversations in your company, so it’s a clear time and money saving for your business.

Take care of the mobile version of your store

In 2023, the majority of online activity happens through mobile devices. Mobile-friendliness is one of the crucial Google requirements for all websites, so you simply need a mobile-friendly store. Make sure your customers can browse products and place an order through their mobile devices. A mobile-friendly payment solution is a must-have.

The hard and fast rule is this – your mobile website should be at least as good as the desktop one. Additionally, there are some elements to keep in mind, e.g., the go-to-the-top button that’s not so important concerning the desktop website but crucial for mobile users. There is a whole list of similar questions to consider.

Do you need help? Work with an e-commerce consulting company

Not every online store has the internal resources and knowledge to implement all these suggestions. If that’s the case in your situation, find a company providing advanced e-commerce services to tweak your store and make it more user, SEO, and mobile-friendly.

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