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5 Very Simple Ways To Secure Your Phone

5 Very Simple Ways To Secure Your Phone

The number of people that own a smartphone these days is incredibly high, much higher than everyone anticipated. This is due to how accessible the technology is. The problem is that the built-in security features of such gadgets are rarely utilized. You need to secure your phone or it is very easy for a dishonest person to gain access to the data on it in the event that the device is stolen. Even wireless hacking is possible. Due to this, you need to always follow the simple security tips that are presented below.

Use A Very Strong Passcode

The number of smartphone users that use very simple passwords like “1234” is incredibly high. If you want to have a device that is secured, it is mandatory that you use a very strong password.

Every single smartphone allows you to set some sort of passcode lock. The modern devices even include the feature of using your fingerprints to allow access. When you set the passcode, be sure that you choose a combination or a pattern that is very difficult to guess. Never use something as simple as your car number, birth year and so on.

Some smartphones also offer face unlock. People believe this is completely secure but the truth is that the security of fingerprint scanning is a lot higher. This is because people can use a photograph of you to unlock the screen.

Lock Applications

If your smartphone offers the possibility of locking apps, you need to take it. This is especially the case for really important applications like payment systems (i.e. Neteller). When you individually lock the apps on the smartphone, you get an extra layer of protection for important content and data. This is important if you know you often give your smartphone to others in order to do something. Having apps that are protected with extra passcodes helps much more than we initially imagine.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is a security feature that is usually seen as being a hassle and is rarely used. This system requires you to first enter a passcode and then a completely unique authentication code that is generated through some sort of app. Such a feature is offered by many service providers, like Instagram, Google, LinkedIn and PayPal.

Enable two-factor authentication whenever possible to increase the security of your smartphone. After you enable it, people can have access to the password and still not be able to access the data since they do not have the unique authentication key.

Install Good Security Apps

The smartphone you use is just like a personal computer in the sense that it is susceptible to hacking and data theft. Due to this, you need to have suitable security apps installed, just like on the PC. Unfortunately, most smartphone users never think about it.

Nowadays, you can get security apps for the smartphone offered by reputable companies like McAfee, Avast, Kaspersky and so on. If the data on your phone is particularly important, make sure that you opt for a paid version so you can get access to even more security features.

Use Just Trusted Apps

When you use an app, it needs to come from a reputable source. Google now has a unique department that only checks apps that are being listed. This means that when you download apps from the Play Store, you can be sure that they are legit and that they are not a security liability. The same thing goes for iOS and iTunes.

Never download an app that comes from an unknown source. This can only lead to serious problems and there is a strong possibility that you will eventually be hacked if you keep doing this.

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Michelle Aaron

Monday 26th of October 2020

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.