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5 Tools to Measure Instagram Hashtag Performance

5 Tools to Measure Instagram Hashtag Performance

When it comes to social media, using hashtags, play an essential role. There was a time when hashtags were used solely for the purpose of adding the “cool” factor to the posts, but today, the trends have shifted a lot. This is because today hashtags work on the social media platforms as the SEO works for the search engines. Given the increasing competition on the social media platforms for the business, everyone is adopting the right approaches to captivate the target audience perfectly. But most pages make the mistake of never checking the performance of the posts after you add the hashtags.

This information can help devise the best solutions for people who want to increase the saturation of their page and increase the visibility among the target audience. So, with this article, we are going to help the people about how they can measure the hashtag performance on the social media platforms to make future plans. Have a look!

Command Analytics & Stats for Instagram

There is no doubt in the fact that Instagram is the most used social media platform because the user base is increasing with each passing day. Moreover, the active user base of Instagram is more than any other platform. This is the prime reason businesses are opting for the hashtag approach to capture the attention of the consumer base. For measuring the insights about the hashtag performance on Instagram, Command is the perfect option. This is the tracking and analytical tool and has been developed only for iOS users.

When you go to the Post Stats section, you will be able to see the analytics of the hashtags that captured the maximum user attention and the ones that created engagement. Buy Instagram Followers easy, When you experiment with different hashtags, you can also check the number of likes, comments, and shares that you are able to earn. This tool is paid, but there is no compromise on the performance because it can track the performance of every hashtag along with the number of likes and comments.

Through this platform, you will be able to identify the posts that are using the individual hashtags. Through this information, you will be able to see if you need to make changes in the content strategy or not.

Sprout Special

If you are using social media and are managing the pages, you must be aware of this social media management tool. This platform has been helping social media managers create reports for the performance of Instagram. This report will focus on the hashtag analysis and will help you see the volume of the hashtags and if the hashtags are creating the engagement as they are supposed to. When you are using Sprout Social, you can track the performance adhered with the hashtags. This information comes handy when you are trying to build a reputation among the target audience.

Simply Measured

This social media analyzing tool has been developed to analyze, report, and listen to the multiple aspects of the hashtags and the adhered performance. This platform will help create the reports, and the reports will identify the performance stats of the hashtag campaign. You will need to go to the reporting section to create and see the hashtag performance. While you are using Simply Measured to focus the hashtag performance, it is optimal to measure the performance of each hashtag individually, so that you can compare the performance of each hashtag. This comparative analysis will help you see if the hashtag is creating enough engagement or not.


For the people who are busy and still want to manage their Instagram profiles aptly, Iconosquare has been helping them for a long time. With this platform, the users can schedule the posts, track down the comments, respond to the comments, and focus on the in-depth analytics related to the post and stories performance. Through this app, the users can measure the hashtag engagement and see if the hashtag campaign is working on the right track.


This is the social media analytical tool which is pretty famous among social media managers, marketers, and journalists. Through this tool, the users can track the performance of hashtags and keywords on Twitter as well as Instagram.